Welcome To Hub World!


Starting from today, dot big bang has a new place to explore, discover, meet friends, play games, catch fish, and more. Welcome to Hub World!

Explore and discover
There’s lots to see and do. If you haven’t already, you can start by choosing an outfit for your avatar, then head into the cosy village to get tips, tasks, and stories from the locals. You can explore the surrounding cliffs, hit the beach, climb up to the lighthouse, and take a ride on the air tram. If you see other players running around, give them a wave, and express yourself with emotes.

Catch them all
There are all sorts of things to find during your visit to Hub World. You’ll find a variety of hats in strange places, so be sure to explore – you can wear as many as you like. You can bounce around in the Chase Heroes park to try and collect the highest stars, and visit the Pet World store to choose a friend for your adventure. Use the pet switcher if you’d like to try a new companion.

Go fishing
Hub World is home to some excellent fishing spots, and locals love nothing more than seeing if anything’s biting. Look out for wooden waterside walkways – standing on one will give you a rod. Spot fish lurking under the lilies, cast your line, and wait for a firm bite. Take your catch to one of the fishmongers, who give good prices – the cash will come in handy. If you get a good haul, you’ll win a place on the leaderboard!

And more!
There are also a bunch of secrets to discover, so be sure to search the nooks and crannies of Hub World for some treats and surprises. We’d also love to hear from you – visit the Discord stall to join our community and talk to the devs, or hit the faces at the top of the page to offer quick feedback. When you’re done in Hub World, head over to the colosseum to continue your adventure, and choose what you’ll play next in dot big bang!

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