Meet The Devs: Bill Costello, Community Engineer

Bill Costello is an LA-based Community Engineer who started working on dot big bang in late 2020. His work includes making new games—such as the recently published Capture The Doodle—and helping out dbb players and creators on Discord, where he’s better known as JordiLaForge. We caught up with him to find out more.

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See Games Being Made In Real Time In dot big bang’s Live Gamedev Streams!

Dot big bang’s game creation engine contains everything you need to build a complete video game — in fact, all the games you see on the homepage were made using tools that are available to you right now. From making voxel objects, to building worlds, to adding unique mechanics, there’s a lot to learn for aspiring developers. 

Our development team regularly stream their process to help our creators get the most out of dot big bang. These live streams are a great way to see all of dot big bang’s tools in action, get essential tips and tricks, and learn how to improve and elevate your creations. You’ll also get the chance to offer input on in-development titles, participate in live playtesting, and have game development questions answered in real time.

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Meet The Devs: Anders Elfgren, Community Engineer

Anders Elfgren is an Sweden-based developer who joined the dot big bang Community Engineering team in March of 2022. We caught up with him to find out about what he’s working on and get some advice for aspiring game developers.

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How To Start Making Games In dot big bang!

Never made a game before but want to give it a go? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. dot big bang has every tool you need to make a game right here in your browser. You can get started on a new game project in seconds. In this post we’ll go through everything you need to know to start making games on dot big bang. No prior knowledge needed!

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dbb x GGJ: Making A Game In 48 Hours

Game jams are a great avenue for established and aspiring game devs to learn, grow, and experiment. They providing the framework and motivation needed for quick iteration, working in teams, and focussed bursts of creativity and productivity. With this in mind, dot big bang Community Engineer Ashley Koett entered the Global Game Jam this year. The resulting game is “ESP”, a ‘single-player co-op’ puzzle-platformer on the jam’s theme of ‘Duality’ (play it here). We caught up with her to find out about how it went, and what unique qualities dot big bang brings to the table as a game jam platform.

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An Introduction To Scripting In dot big bang

The first version of User Scripting with Typescript went live this week on dot big bang, opening up a lot of new possibilities for creators. We caught up with Lead Community Engineer Charles Palmer, aka meheleventyone, to talk about what this means for the platform, and what the future holds.

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Meet Charlie Dean, Community Engineer

We caught up with dot big bang Community Engineer Charlie Dean to find out how the Hub World fishing mechanic came together, what choices were made, what challenges it presented – and what makes designing games fun.

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