Welcome To Pocket Garden, A Brand New Farming Game On dot big bang!

We’re excited to announce the release of ‘Pocket Garden’, a brand new cozy farming game, playable now at dotbigbang.com! Play it now right here.

Set in the idyllic seaside town of Garden Grove, Pocket Garden is a relaxing farming game in which you grow crops, and trade them for seeds, furniture, new tools, and lots more. You can customise, upgrade, and decorate your farm, and get egg-laying chickens, mushroom-finding pigs, and cute sheep to munch on the weeds.

Best of all, you can invite friends to your session, and play together while you build the perfect farm!

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Behind The Scenes: The Making Of Pocket Garden

Pocket Garden is the new cozy faming game on dot big bang. It has a lot of interesting systems, from the UI, to the economy, upgrades system, and multiplayer aspects such as watering friends’ crops while they’re away. To find out more about the game’s development, we caught up with Ashley Koett, the dot big bang Community Engineer who designed the game.

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