September Community Creation Picks!

Welcome to our September Community Creation Picks blog. This is where members of the dot big bang dev team highlight some community creations that have caught their eye over the last month.

Your work could be featured too! Drop by our Discord to share your latest creations, and our faves will be shown next month. There are Weekly Art & Scripting challenges to take part in to get some inspiration.

And as always, well done to everyone who made these awesome things. Click through to show them some appreciation with a like and a comment!

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June Community Creation Picks

The dot big bang community is a constant source of imaginative, impressive creations. From colorful environments, to detailed voxel objects and dioramas, to full-fledged games, here’s a rundown of some recent creations that caught the dev team’s eye. Be sure to drop a heart or a comment on them to show your appreciation, and share your own work over on Discord!

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How To Enter The Global Game Jam 2023 & Get Started On dot big bang!

The Global Game Jam is a great opportunity to get your creativity flowing, learn some new gamedev skills, and have fun rapidly prototyping a new game. But first things first – to take part, you need to sign up. This blog will tell you how to enter the jam, how to register with a jam site, and where to find FAQs and resources to get ready ahead of time.

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Signups Are Open For The Chase Heroes Live Creation Session!

We’re happy to announce that signups to take part in the second dot big bang Live Creation Session are now open!

A Live Creation Session is a 3 hour event, where creators work in teams to make new maps from a set of provided assets. This time, the game people will be working from is the super fun obstacle course racing game: Chase Heroes!

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