August Community Creation Picks

The ever-creative dot big bang community make a lot of impressive games, scenes, and voxel objects each month. This roundup shows off some of our recent favourites, picked out by the dot big bang dev team.

Be sure to drop a heart on the ones you like to show their creators some appreciation. And if you make things yourself, post them in our Discord Creator Space to enter the running for next month’s blog!

BlockBusters! by sb_television
I’m very impressed by this addictive block–breaker that was made in just three days for the Summer Jam. You detonate blocks connected by color or letter, and the twist is that new blocks drop every three turns rather than falling continuously, adding a layer of strategy and tension. My best score is 16k, but others in the team have gotten 18k and even 28k! Matching that score is my new mission in life. Bravo, sb_television! – John, Communications Manager

School Room Diorama by giuliaplayz1234
Giulia said in the comments that this is the first diorama they’ve made, and that’s impressive! They’ve included so much in the space using template toys, a lovely selection of paintings, but also their own custom sculpted furniture! My favorite piece in this is the stylish cubby drawers that have depth between the cubbies and drawers and a nice texture painted on the surface. – Summer, Community Artist

Coral Cliff by birdking
Here’s another terrific Weekly Art Challenge submission from Birdking! There are so many cool details and little creatures dotted around this space. I really like the textured rock, too. – DigitalMonkeyMaster, Community Manager

Untitled by kitty–ninja
I would love to know the name of this fun creature by kitty–ninja. It’s just so charming, from its boxy little build to its mossy details. The red eyes really stand out as well, and all of the shapes that make up its body are clearly defined and make for a strong silhouette. – heatherctrlz, Community Designer

Iceberg camp by alvinpenguin456
It was hard to choose just one of alvinpenguin456’s scenes – each of their games just does such a wonderful job of visual storytelling. I finally settled on this icy camp because of all the subtle little touches and deceptive simplicity. The vast feeling of the ice area that surrounds the scene, the broken ship, the little tents placed at different elevations, the fire and the swimming dogs. Every part of this both works well visually, and contributes to the story. – heatherctrlz, Community Designer

Adorable Fox by giuliaplayz1234
There’s so much I like about this object: the proportions are great, there’s a lovely colour palette and I really like the shading on the outline. Let’s be honest though, the eyes are especially cute! Such amazing work! – DigitalMonkeyMaster, Community Manager

1 800 RPG FIXR by niftyhat 
Who cleans all up the dungeons after people have made a big mess smashing boxes and slaying monsters? That question is answered in this fun little “dungeon cleaner”. It’s a fun premise for a game, and has some nice mechanics. – John, Communications Manager

Thanks to all these creators for their excellent work!

If you make things on dot big bang, post your work in the Creator Space channel on Discord to enter the runner for next month’s Community Picks blog. And if you’re looking for inspiration on what to make next, try the Weekly Art Challenge – all the entries are shown off at the end of the month in a custom–built display area. Don’t forget to tag your creations with #dotbigbang and #madewithdbb on social media – we’ll share our faves.