‘Intro To 3D Game Development’ Course Now Available

We’re happy to share that the first free dot big bang For Education course, ‘Intro To 3D Game Development’, is now live and available for use at learn.dotbigbang.com.

This series of three lessons can be used by individuals who want to get started in learning game development, or by educators in the classroom. It aims to teach some foundational game-making skills, and includes step-by-step guides to creating voxel objects, building environments, and adding behaviors with TypeScript.

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dot big bang x Girls Make Games: “I was able to learn many amazing things!”

Last week, the first collaboration between dot big bang and Girls Make Games took place. It was a one-day workshop offering the chance to create a cyberpunk level with support from dbb devs, run by Community Engineer Ashley Koett, and it proved immediately popular.

“The workshop filled up overnight!” says Ashley. “We ended up expanding it to accommodate 45 students, and some other dot big bang devs helped me out. It was exciting to see how much interest there was, especially on our first collaboration with Girls Make Games!”

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