Join The Winter Obby Jam & Get A Teddy Bear Skin!

Winter is here, so we’re hosting a cozy Winter Obby Game Jam! Spend the cold months being creative, and make your very own winter-themed obstacle course, using our brand new Obby Kit

All participants will receive the amazing new teddy bear skin Huckleberry for joining in on the fun – and our favorite entries will be featured on the homepage! 

The jam runs from through the holidays, from December 8th-January 11th, so you have plenty of time to make your Winter Obby game. Read on to find out how to enter.

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Winter Time! dot big bang v0.9.14

It’s cold and dark, everyone’s snuggled up by a roaring fire and we’re hitting the release button on the latest version of dot big bang!

This release brings with it an update to our Hub World to welcome in the wintery vibes. Including a faster jetpack with no fuel limit! To help get in the mood, there are four new skins available in the store, and a tonne of festive cosmetics to get dressed up with in the Avatar Creator.

For our creators we’ve released a new Obby Kit that makes creating great obbies easier as well as providing some inspiration! We’ve also added a bunch of new Template Toys to play with. And on the editor side of things we’ve updated the Moods panel, added a blazingly fast and informative console and given you all access to non-uniform scaling of entities!

Read on for more!

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Join dot big bang’s Jam Site At The Global Game Jam!

The Global Game Jam 2024 opened for registrations this week. It’s a free event that takes place Jan 22-28th 2024, where entrants make a game in 48 hours, either solo or as part of a team.

If you’d like to take part in the jam, you can sign up now – and dot big bang is hosting a digital jam site this year! Read on to find out how to sign up. 

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Learn To Make Games At Micro Jam Week!

The Global Game Jam 2024 is coming up fast, with jammer registrations opening on Monday Dec 4th. To celebrate, we’re running the first dot big bang Micro Jam Week!

This is a series of five daily co-building streams that’ll help you learn to make games on dot big bang. The streams will happen on Twitch and YouTube each day from the 4th-8th December, at 14:00 PST / 17:00 ET / 22:00 GMT.

Hosted by members of the dbb dev team, each micro jam will show you how to make something awesome on dot big bang, whether it’s making a new character, designing a small game world, or whipping up a custom player controller. 

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dot big bang Sponsors The Global Game Jam 2024!

The Global Game Jam is back – and we’re happy to announce that dot big bang will be the event’s headline sponsor for the third year running!

The Global Game Jam is the world’s biggest game creation event, taking place January 22nd-28th 2024. Thousands of people join physical and online jam sites to make a game, alone or as part of a team, over a single weekend. Last year, over 7000 games were made in 108 countries, and this year’s jam promises to be bigger than ever. Read on to find out more!

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Remix-Off Top Prize Skin Reveal!

We’re half way through the Remix-Off: Cat Edition, which means there’s still time for you enter – and get a free cat skin!

Today we’re going to unveil the TWO skins that you get by taking part in the contest. First up, all participants in the Remix-Off will get the Cap Cat skin just for entering.

And for the three winners, we’re now revealing the prize – the ultra-blinged out Crown Cat! Read on for more about how to take part.

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Jetpackin’: dot big bang v0.9.13

The latest update to dot big bang is here, bringing with it a number of fixes and new features. Top of the billing for this update is the addition of two new skins in Skins Store, a selection of cosy autumnal gear for your avatar to wear – and a new Jetpack in the Featured Templates bar! You can now drag this readymade jetpack into any of your games and let players zip around the skies!

As well as fixing some Engine and Editor bugs, we’ve also started laying the groundwork for all Resources on dot big bang to have a Description and Tags. This will be super useful for searching the resource library, and quickly finding the voxel objects, scripts, and templates you’re looking for.

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Remix-Off: Make A Cat & Get A Free Skin!

Hope you’re feeling creative – because it’s time for a new dot big bang Remix-Off!

A Remix-Off is when we provide a base game or voxel object for you to remix and make into your own version. At the end, we’ll pick our favourites from all the entries posted in Discord or through a comment on the Remix Object. Everyone who enters will get an awesome cat skin – and the top three winners will get a special prize (more on that later!).

It’s a fun way to get some creative inspiration, practice making things in dot big bang, and show off your work. Interested? Read on to find out how to enter.

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Autumn Draws Closer: dot big bang v0.9.12

dot big bang v0.9.12 is a small update that brings some editor fixes, a new remixable version of Thrust Heroes, and a bunch of autumnal clothing to wear in the Avatar Editor!

For the uninitiated, Thrust Heroes is a jetpack speed-run game with Easy, Medium, and Hard courses. You can invite friends and race for the best time. And with this update, you can now hit the remix button to get your own version, and adapt the courses – or change the game completely!

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A Castle, An Obby, A Burning Heart: October Community Creation Picks

It’s time to celebrate the dot big bang community’s endless creativity once more with our October picks! This month, we have a mixture of eye-catching voxel objects and visually striking games, including a moody monochrome obstacle course, a candy-collecting Halloween game, and more.

If you’d like the chance to be featured next month, it’s easy to start creating objects and games. Be sure to share your creations in Discord. And as always, click through and drop a like on this month’s picks to show the creators some love!

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