Winter Hub Is Here!

The first snow has fallen in Hub World, bringing with it a brand new Winter update that includes new quests, characters, pets, secrets, and more!

🎁 First up, the town Post Office needs YOU! A runaway sleigh means the elves need help getting presents to the citizens of Hub World. Pick up packages from the Post Elf, and then head back to get paid after each delivery.

🛷 Speaking of the runaway sleigh… shouldn’t somebody catch that thing? Take the air tram up to jetpack island, and see if you can track down the crazy sleigh and get your reward… 

🎣 Winter time means there are new fish in the harbour. Drop a line from the pier and pick up some seasonal skate!

🥾 Hike to the hot spring! The trail begins near the frozen waterfall – but be warned, you might have to test your parkour skills to make it all the way…

🐧 You can also get new pets at Pet World, throw snowballs, catch some stars on the ice rink, pick up some waffles and cocoa, and more.

Play for free at, and hit the share button to invite friends into your session. You can also sign in and change into a santa suit in the avatar builder. Enjoy the Winter Hub!

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