Introducing: Battle Heroes, A Chaotic New Multiplayer FPS

Battles Heroes is a brand new chaotic multiplayer FPS on dot big bang. Hop onto a public session, or use the share button to invite friends – then smack ’em with rockets!

The game takes the fun, colourful obstacle courses of Chase Heroes, then dares to ask: what if this was an FPS battle royale… with rocket launchers?

Runs in your browser with slick controls
Like all the games on dot big bang, it loads in seconds, runs at a solid 60fps, and works in your browser. You can use WASD keys and mouse if you’re on a computer, touch controls on a mobile device, or a controller if you’re playing via the Xbox Edge browser.

Join the public game, or start a private session with friends
You can hop into a public multiplayer session to face off against whoever’s online. But it’s just as easy to create a multiplayer session for a group of friend. Use the share button in the top left to generate a link, and share the URL with whoever you’d like to play against. They can hop right in! And get smacked by your rockets.

Great for streaming
If you’re a streamer, playing games on dot big bang is a great way to interact with your viewers. Drop a multiplayer URL in the chat, and your viewers can click through and start competing with you within ten seconds, right in their browser. No matchmaking, no waiting in lobbies, no hassle!

Try it now: but be warned, it’s addictive! Screen-cap your victory and hashtag it with #dotbigbang, and we’ll share the best ones!

Have fun, Battle Hero!

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