Preston’s ‘Would You Rather’ Launches Today On dot big bang

Today sees the release of ‘Would You Rather’, a fast-paced quiz-race designed by dot big bang with creative input from gaming YouTube star Preston Arsement.

‘Would You Rather’ sees players race each other through a series of question rooms, choosing which of two options they think was most popular (Sweet or salty? Mac or PC? Espresso or pour over?). Running through the correct door yields rewards like speed up, gold, and fun or bizarre cosmetics; the wrong door bumps you to the beginning to try again. As the game gets faster, reaction time and memory come into play, and there are leaderboards with in-game rewards for the winners.

The game features voiceover from Preston, who also appears in the game as a voxel character. Preston gave creative input to the dot big bang dev team, such as the inclusion of tricky parkour courses in the welcome area. As such, ‘Would You Rather’ reflects the power and quick iteration time of dot big bang’s browser-based engine, in a game imbued with Preston’s light-hearted personality.

“I was truly blown away with dot big bang when I first played,” says Preston. “With how quickly you are in the game, and with how it looks and plays on any device. I knew we could build something amazing here. I am so excited to create games to enjoy with my viewers on dot big bang. It’s incredible that with one click my fans, on any platform, can play alongside me.”

The game will get six updates over the next six months, with new features, questions, prizes, and gameplay dreamed up by Preston and the dot big bang team. Preston will stream the game around each update, and publish gameplay videos on his wildly popular PrestonPlayz channel.

Preston is one of several top-tier YouTubers who’ve invested financially in dot big bang, with a view to creating custom games for their viewers. CEO Robert Anderberg says of the collaboration: “Preston is the perfect partner for dot big bang, as he’s one of the most popular and recognizable faces of YouTube. He has years of experience in making excellent gaming content, and has a unique insight into what excites gamers.”

Try the game at, and join us on Discord or Social Media to let us know what you think!

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