Day[9] To Stream Games Made With dot big bang At The Global Game Jam

This year’s Global Game Jam is here, and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be doing a special post-jam wrap-up stream with beloved OG streamer and friend of dot big bang, Sean “day[9]” Plott!

On Friday February 10th, after the dust has settled on the creativity explosion of the Global Game Jam, Sean will stream some of the games that were made using dot big bang. Whether they’re small experiences, seeds of cool ideas and fun mechanics, unfinished experiments, or fully fledged games – all are equally welcome. 

The stream will happen on Friday, February 10th at 1pm (PT), 6pm (ET), 9pm (GMT) at, Sean’s 520k-follower Twitch channel. Mark your calendar!

If you’d like your game to be on the stream, just fill in this short form to let us know about it after the jam. 

We’d like to hear your game jam stories – the initial idea, what went well (or didn’t!) along the way, and, of course, how it turned out. There’ll be no judgment of misfires or rough edges – it’s all par for the course in game jams! The stories of how games were made in such a short time are all super fun and interesting, whatever the outcome. So please do share your game and story.

Those details once more:

Day[9] dbb x GGJ wrap-up stream
Date: Fri 10th February
Time: 1pm (PT) / 6pm (ET) / 9pm (GMT)
Submit your game: here

Thanks for reading, and see you in the stream!

If you’d like to see further resources for Global Game Jam, check out this post on how to enter, and how to get started on dot big bang, and this post about why dbb is great game jamming. You can also read our docs, watch gamedev streams, and follow on social media to stay up to date.

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