dot big bang v0.9.8: Sounds & Colors

A new version of dot big bang came out today. Version 0.9.8 brings a variety of fixes, updates, and upgrades, including a brand new library of 5000 sounds for use in your games. Both the Game Editor and the Voxel Object Editor color picker also got some TLC in this version, with a raft of quality of life improvements being introduced.

Here’s the full list:

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dot big bang v0.9.7: Diamond Wars, Skin Store, Pride Month, And More!

Version 0.9.7 of dot big bang is out now! This packed update sees the US launch of the Skins Store, the release of team-based arena battler Preston’s Diamond Wars, the addition of new Pride accessories, decorations, and emotes, the arrival of swimming in Hub World, and loads of new furniture in Pocket Garden.

Here’s a full rundown of what’s new!

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dot big bang v0.9.5: New Voxel Editor UI, Combat Game Template

dot big bang v0.9.5 is here! This update brings a substantial UI rework to the Voxel Object Editor. The changes include a selection of starter objects, Basic and Advanced modes, new shortcuts and hotkeys, and lots more—see the full list below.

Another exciting arrival for creators is the Combat Example Game—a fully remixable dungeon crawler, featuring ranged and melee weapons, a health system and inventory, enemies with pathfinding, loot drops, customisable emotes, and more! You can remix this game to make your version, and replace, change, and adapt all of its unique elements. We can’t wait to see what you make!

Read on for a full list of the changes.

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Changelog: dot big bang v0.9.2 – A Substantial Game Editor QoL Update

We’re happy to announce the release of dot big bang v0.9.2! This substantial update includes some new Game & Voxel Editor functionality that’s been making our Community Engineer team very happy.

Highlights include some new Game Editor features, such as copying properties – particle systems, for example – from one component to another. You can also now search an entity’s components, allowing you to quickly locate specific scripts on an entity. Voxel artists will be happy to see a new color picker in the Voxel Editor that includes saved colors, complementary color suggestions, and the ability to import the palette from a voxel object.

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dot big bang v0.9.1 Is Now Live!

dot big bang v0.9.1 is now live! This version includes a vast swathe of updates spanning dot big bang’s editor, engine, tools, docs, and games.

If you’re interested in staying up to date, check out the Changelog channel on our Discord, where regular updates are published. Read on for a detailed breakdown of what’s in v0.9.1.

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Changelog: dot big bang Version 0.9

This is a full rundown of the changes in dot big bang version 0.9. You can also read an intro here that highlights some of the main items.

– Hide page header by default, toggle header by clicking on orange “Doodle” face icon
– Replace game buttons with more minimal button/icon set
– Abbreviate large numbers for Likes/Comments/Views counts
– Game Error dialog now includes buttons to “home” and “discord” as well as a “rejoin” button when kicked from a multiplayer session 

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