dot big bang v0.9.1 Is Now Live!

dot big bang v0.9.1 is now live! This version includes a vast swathe of updates spanning dot big bang’s editor, engine, tools, docs, and games.

If you’re interested in staying up to date, check out the Changelog channel on our Discord, where regular updates are published. Read on for a detailed breakdown of what’s in v0.9.1.

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Changelog: dot big bang Version 0.9

This is a full rundown of the changes in dot big bang version 0.9. You can also read an intro here that highlights some of the main items.

– Hide page header by default, toggle header by clicking on orange “Doodle” face icon
– Replace game buttons with more minimal button/icon set
– Abbreviate large numbers for Likes/Comments/Views counts
– Game Error dialog now includes buttons to “home” and “discord” as well as a “rejoin” button when kicked from a multiplayer session 

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