10 Reasons To Use dot big bang At The Global Game Jam 

While prepping for the Global Game Jam, at some point every jammer faces the same question: what am I going to use to make my game? Well, look no further! dot big bang is a fully-featured online gamedev platform that runs entirely in a browser, on any device. It’s perfect for rapid iteration, working together in teams, and quick game-sharing.

Here are ten reasons to try dot big bang at this year’s jam. 

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How To Enter The Global Game Jam 2023 & Get Started On dot big bang!

The Global Game Jam is a great opportunity to get your creativity flowing, learn some new gamedev skills, and have fun rapidly prototyping a new game. But first things first – to take part, you need to sign up. This blog will tell you how to enter the jam, how to register with a jam site, and where to find FAQs and resources to get ready ahead of time.

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Global Game Jam Advice From Two Game Jam Veterans

Bradley Adams (Senior Software Engineer) and Heather Harvey (Community Designer) are two game jam veterans who entered the Global Game Jam using dot big bang and 2022, and ended up working here!

Based in Vancouver, Canada, they joined dot big bang in June of 2021 under their game dev pseudonyms booradley and punkerella. We caught up with them ahead of this year’s Global Game Jam to ask for some game jam tips.

Hey hey. The Global Game Jam is bearing down fast! How are you both feeling about what’s coming up?
We really enjoy game jams, so we’re super excited to jump in and get started. We have done GGJ every year since 2013 and it’s always great. Shout-out to the Vancouver organizers for doing an amazing job every year!

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‘Intro To 3D Game Development’ Course Now Available

We’re happy to share that the first free dot big bang For Education course, ‘Intro To 3D Game Development’, is now live and available for use at learn.dotbigbang.com.

This series of three lessons can be used by individuals who want to get started in learning game development, or by educators in the classroom. It aims to teach some foundational game-making skills, and includes step-by-step guides to creating voxel objects, building environments, and adding behaviors with TypeScript.

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See 10 games made in the first dot big bang Creator Incubator Program!

The first dot big bang Creator Incubator Program (CIP) is complete, and we’re happy to share the results today on our first CIP Appreciation Stream! This stream will pull together ten games people made in the first edition of the CIP program, showing off gameplay and design innovations in a wide variety of user-created games. 

The stream will happen on 25/10/22 over on our Twitch channel, at 18:00pm ET (15:00 PT / 23:00 BST). If that’s late where you are, don’t worry – you can always watch it back later here. If you’re a member of our Discord, you can also watch it there.

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dot big bang Version 0.9 Launches Today!

dot big bang is leveling up today with the rollout of Version 0.9. This is another sweeping update, with some big changes to the Game Editor—including the addition of several most-requested features, by popular demand! See the full changelog here, or read on for a brief summary.

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A dot big bang Roadmap: 17 New Features Now In Development

There are always lots of exciting things in development at dot big bang. This roadmap will give you a glimpse at what’s in progress behind the scenes—from a sound and music library, to a terrain editor that’ll let you literally move mountains, to new social features that’ll make it easier than ever to hop into games with friends.

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See Games Being Made In Real Time In dot big bang’s Live Gamedev Streams!

Dot big bang’s game creation engine contains everything you need to build a complete video game — in fact, all the games you see on the homepage were made using tools that are available to you right now. From making voxel objects, to building worlds, to adding unique mechanics, there’s a lot to learn for aspiring developers. 

Our development team regularly stream their process to help our creators get the most out of dot big bang. These live streams are a great way to see all of dot big bang’s tools in action, get essential tips and tricks, and learn how to improve and elevate your creations. You’ll also get the chance to offer input on in-development titles, participate in live playtesting, and have game development questions answered in real time.

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Make your own course in Preston’s Ultimate Parkour Heist!

Anyone who’s played Preston’s Ultimate Parkour Heist will know how fun and fiendishly tough it is. But after you beat Security Level 3 and crack that final vault, we have a fresh challenge for you! We’re inviting all parkour ninjas to put their skills to the test once more – and create the most challenging parkour level ever.

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Girls Make Games x dot big bang workshop announced, signups open

dot big bang is delighted to announce a free virtual event with Girls Make Games this June 4th! The workshop will take participants through the process of designing their own cyberpunk level using dot big bang, hosted by dbb Community Engineer Ashley Koett. Signups are open now on a first come first served basis – find more info about taking part here.

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