Introducing: Template Toys

Building games in dot big bang just got easier with the arrival of Template Toys!

This set of super-useful premade objects is now available to drag ‘n’ drop into any dot big bang game. The Template Toys include trampolines, launch ramps, checkpoints to respawn players mid level, a jukebox, a flower gun, and lots more. Creators can easily adjust values such as launch and bounce distance to send players to new heights in their dot big bang creations!

We have a fun week of Template Toys material ahead. On Thursday, dot big bang developer Charles Palmer will do a Template Toys stream – follow dot big bang on Twitch to get an alert. 

But ahead of the livestream, check out this ten minute how-to video on how to make a fun obstacle course using Template Toys. It’s the first in a series of upcoming videos packed with tips and tricks for making games on dot big bang – follow our YouTube to get them in your feed. 

Finally, as always, the Discord community is a great hub to share your creations, talk to other dot big bang game makers, and get feedback and help from the dot big bang dev team.

Enjoy the Template Toys – we’re looking forward to seeing what you create!