dbb x GGJ: Devs try out dot big bang at the Global Game Jam

Dot big bang’s sponsorship of the Global Game Jam 2022 resulted in some talented creators using dbb for the first time. The jam saw lots of people learning the UI, trying out the scripting system, and building games from scratch in just 48 hours.

Much of this process was streamed or documented, and it was fun and insightful to watch first-time creators’ experience of dot big bang.

Jumptoast (pictured) did several game development streams, and whipped up a small game in just a couple of hours. One nice moment came when he searched for a way to change the opacity of an entity and was surprised to find a convenient slider just where he needed it. Play the resulting demo – a 3D take on Space Invaders – here.

Experienced game jam participant Booradley used dot big bang for the first time at the jam. Booradley’s game ‘Paint By Plunder’ was made with collaborators Punkerella and zlinkous – check it out here. Game jam entrant Stygian Surfer also used dbb, and talked about the process in a fun wrap up video, pointing out the ease of collaboration, the social atmosphere of building together in 3D space, and the convenience of the scripting system.

Dot big bang game dev Ashley Koett also took part in the jam, and documented the process via a series of Twitch streams. The streams work through the process of ideation, prototyping, level design, debugging, and more. You can play Ashley’s game, entitled ‘ESP’, here, and see a fun live playthrough by game developer and streamer JoeyPrink.

If you’re interested in seeing more streams and videos about working with dot big bang, be sure to drop a follow on YouTube on Twitch, where the devs regularly stream gamedev sessions. Feel free to hop onto the Discord if you’re experimenting with dot big bang and have any questions. And we look forward to seeing what you all make next!

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