Hub World Passes One Million Plays

When Hub World launched in October 2021, it was immediately popular with players. Three months later, at the start of this month, it passed one million plays, becoming the most popular game on dot big bang.

Hub World is a seaside town where people can explore, go fishing, do quests, fly jetpacks, talk to the locals, find secrets, and lots more besides. The central colosseum holds a rotating selection of dot big bang games and user made creations for people to try. Players can sell the fish they’ve caught and deliver packages to earn in-game cash, which can be spent at Pet World on an ever-changing selection of pets that accompany each player on their journey. An air tram runs up to jetpack island, where players can take to skies, explore the surrounding mountains, and catch tricky targets like a witch, a runaway sleigh, or a UFO.

Seasonal refreshes have introduced different weather, along with new characters, locations, secrets, jetpack challenges, and more, giving fans of the game new things to discover. The fishing leaderboard has seen players compete for the all-time fishing champ status, which currently stands at over 1000 fish caught, leading to the introduction of a special cape for to the online player with the best record.

We’ve been delighted at the response to the game, and have plans to keep the seasonal changes rolling. Who knows what’ll happen in springtime, when the snow finally recedes?

Play Hub World here, and read an interview with Pennie Quinn about the design of the fishing mini-game here.

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