Pocket Garden Update! New Furniture, Ice Cream Machines, Pride Flags, & More

Pocket Garden got its first big content update last week, with lots of new things to see, buy, and do! It’s the perfect time to hop back in and see how your farm is doing.

Here’s a rundown of everything that’s new.

First up, you can now get a free interactive Pride flag for your plot – just head into garden grove to claim yours, and celebrate Pride Month in style!

The furniture store Deco Depot also has two new furniture sets to buy, and some fancy new items. You can go for the colourful Pride furniture set, or the gloomy gothic furniture to personalize your farm even more.

There’s also a kitchenette unit, and an ice cream machine. Eating ice cream will give you a temporary speed boost to zip around your plot planting, weeding, and harvesting even faster!

Fancy Walls & Flooring also has some new styles available, if you would like to give your plot a makeover.

Finally, for the most ambitious farmers who’ve maxed out everything and would like to play again, there’s now a mysterious witch hiding in the woods of Garden Grove. Talk to them if you’d like to erase your progress and start over – but beware, save data erasure is permanent!

You’ll be pleased to hear that some bugs were fixed in this update too!

  • Fixed the bug that let you move your furniture onto other players plots
  • Fixed the occasional crash that happened when loading save data and claiming a plot
  • Fixed a bug that showed the underwater view after respawning
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when donating furniture
  • The game waits until save is complete before redirecting between the two maps to ensure that no progress is lost
  • Eggs can not be picked up when your inventory is full
  • Players will not be removed from the game if they are sitting on someone’s furniture who leaves the session

That’s all for this update. Play the game here, and hop into Discord to tell us what you think of the new stuff, and what you’d like to see in Pocket Garden in future!

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