Game Guide: How To Win At Preston’s Diamond Wars!

Wanna be better at Preston’s Diamond Wars, but don’t know you Rubies from your Pings? This guide will tell you how to play, build, fight, upgrade, and be the best at the hottest new game on dot big bang.

The Aim of the Game

Diamond Wars is a game in which four teams of two – green, purple, orange, and blue – compete for victory. The goal for each team is to destroy the other teams’ Vaults, then wipe out all the players who are left. 

To accomplish this, you’ll need to beat them in a fight. But first, you need to beat them by collecting more resources to upgrade your team, your weapons and armor, and your base.

Collecting Resources

There are two kinds of resources in Diamond Wars.

Gold spawns at your base, and also on nearby islands at an increased rate. It’s the main currency. Many weapons and upgrades are bought with gold.

Rubies only spawn on the middle island, and are a super rare commodity. You must battle the other teams on the arena’s central island and collect as many as you can. These are used for the top tier upgrades and items.

Your Base

Back at base there are three screens you can interact with to one side of your Vault.

You can drop gold and rubies into your bank for safe keeping. When you die you will drop a backpack containing the gold and rubies in your inventory. So it’s a wise idea to come back and bank your stuff regularly to not give your enemies a bunch of free loot. You can pull out gold and rubies to spend whenever you want.

Item Store
The item store contains a massive array of consumable items, weapons, and building parts that can be used to kill other players, attack their Vault, or build defenses for your own.

Upgrade Store
The upgrades store sells permanent upgrades for your whole team. You can buff almost every aspect of your team, from your weapon attack power to your Vault’s armor level. Doing this is key to winning!


To reach the other islands you need to build Bridges. You can buy bridges from the item store, and they appear in your inventory. To build a Bridge, select it from your inventory by using the number keys or the mouse scroll wheel. On mobile, tap the icon to select Bridge.

When a Bridge or other buildable item is selected, you’ll see it appear on-screen as a blueprint. Move it around to where you’d like to build it. If it’s blue, the spot you’re aiming at is clear. If it’s red, you cannot build at the current location. To build your Bridge, aim at the place you want it to appear, and press attack to start building. It will take a few seconds to appear.

Bridges, Walls, Turrets, Alarms, and other buildable items all offer different strategies for your team to win. Metal tier items are much stronger than wooden tier items, so upgrading to metal items will help to keep your Vault protected.


Swords and Hammers are the main weapons in Diamond Wars. Swords work best against other players, and can knock down your own structures. Hammers make short work of enemy buildings, and let you repair your own structures and Vault. You can also get ranged attacks like bombs and crossbows, and other weapons with different effects.

Charge attacks
When fighting with Swords, you can charge them up by holding down attack. This does significantly more damage, but you move slower whilst charging. 

Blocking (Swords Only)
You can block frontal attacks with the swords by using the right mouse button, or the block button on mobile. Blocking makes you move slowly, but it will stop most of the incoming damage. You can also block arrows.

All weapons cause knockback, so you need to be careful with your surroundings. It’s easy to get knocked into the water and killed.

The real key to success beyond fancy footwork and good timing is collecting resources and upgrading your team. You can upgrade your weapons, armor, and other attributes. It’s possible to beat a higher tier opponent – but it’s much easier to be the higher tier opponent!

If you have bought a sword but get killed, you will respawn with a sword that’s one tier down. For example, if you die with a diamond Sword, you’ll respawn with a metal Sword. If you only have a wooden Sword, you’ll always spawn with another wooden sword.

Teamwork & Pings

Teams that work together will be much more effective! For example, you can tell your teammate what upgrade you’d like next by selecting it in the Upgrade Store when you have no resources to spend.

You can also communicate what’s happening to your teammate by pinging them. Ping where you are aiming by pressing ‘e’ on the keyboard, or via the ping button on mobile. If your teammate pings you, you can acknowledge them by pinging whilst aiming at their ping.


Each team has a Vault on their home island that they need to protect. Vaults are particularly vulnerable at the start of the game, so try to get yours upgraded early on. 

You can attack Vaults with all sorts of weapons, but Hammers and the Timebomb are devastating against them. Other teams will be trying to use these same weapons against you, so make sure your own Vault is well defended!

Vaults have four pips of health. You can only repair your Vault up to the next pip once you’ve lost more than one, so taking out attackers early and efficiently is key.

Once a team’s Vault has been destroyed, all their resources will be spilled out in front of their base. That team will no longer respawn, and will be eliminated from the game when killed. If you’re the last team alive, then congratulations – you’ve won!

Sudden Death

Each round lasts for fifteen minutes. When that time is up, the sky goes red, and the game goes into Sudden Death. In Sudden Death, Vaults will start losing health automatically until they are destroyed – then it’s a fight to the death to see which team is crowned winner!

And that’s our guide to playing Preston’s Diamond Wars. You can play the game here, and use the share button to invite friends to your session. If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions for the game, join our Discord to let us know. You can also follow our social media to stay up to date on what’s coming next. Have fun, and good luck!

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