June Community Creation Picks

The dot big bang community is a constant source of imaginative, impressive creations. From colorful environments, to detailed voxel objects and dioramas, to full-fledged games, here’s a rundown of some recent creations that caught the dev team’s eye. Be sure to drop a heart or a comment on them to show your appreciation, and share your own work over on Discord!

Diner Hangout by Blueowl305
“I have a soft spot for dioramas. Blueowl makes the most of a limited space here, and yet everything in it is identifiable, even the sink and string of lights. The colors are so pop, they totally nailed that retro, neon diner vibe. Excellent stuff!” – Summer, Community Artist

Sonic Mega Fun Angel Island by progamer271252
“The more you explore, the more you realize there is. They made all the Sonic characters, and the theme works really well with some of the Featured Templates, like the launcher and the trampoline.” – Zaz, Education Specialist

No Meaning by pearline11
“I really enjoyed watching this environment expand over time. Seeing pearline11 add more voxel objects and experiment with scripted motion was great. This map really explores the vertical dimension as well, with the platforms leading to different housing levels.” – heatherctrlz, Community Designer

Dead End Street by russferttdiggins
“This game was built for the combat jam and is a total conversion of the original starting game with a really cool zombie theme. It’s super impressive, and expands on the initial template in clever ways. As ever with russferttdiggins, it has beautiful art and thoughtful level design.” – Charles (meheleventyone), Lead Community Engineer

Untitled monster by Sb_Television
“I like the simple design, with great poses and animations that add so much character.” – DigitalMonkeyMaster, Community Manager

Chainsaw Man Head by foxythehost 
“It’s an amazing recreation of Chainsaw Man from the anime! Everything down to the way the mouth moves during the animation is so faithfully recreated. It’s an awesome piece of 3D art.” – Jameson (shmee), Capture Artist

Wrath of Zeus by ultimatemaker367
“There’s a sense of epic scale in this scene. I liked how the organic cloud shapes contrast against the giant, blocky Zeus figure. It was fun to realize that most of those clouds are 2D shapes as you get closer, and the lightning animations are a nice touch”. – John (comet_rain), Communications Manager

If you’re a dot big bang creator, you can show off your own work in the Creator Space channel on Discord. If you’re looking for inspiration, try taking part in the Weekly Art Challenge – all the entries are shown off at the end of the month in a custom-built display area. And don’t forget to tag your creations with #dotbigbang and #madewithdbb on social media – we’ll share our faves.

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