Listen Up: New Sound & Music Library Now Available!

The dot big bang sound library got a big upgrade today with the arrival of a massive selection of new sounds and music. 

The update includes 5,000 sounds for all kinds of actions, scenes, and situations, including whooshes, footsteps, impacts and explosions, UI clicks, animal and ambient sounds, and many more. There are also ten pieces of music to add atmosphere to your creations.

The boombox and jukebox template objects can be added to any game to have instant background music or ambiance. To choose a track, try remixing this boombox example game. The boombox is set up with a script (bobbyd_play_sfx_on_change) that automatically plays the track that’s selected in the Sounds property. Simply search the sound library to select a new track or sound.

In the future, creators will be able to upload original sounds and music – check out this NPC example game for a preview of what that might sound like. If you have any questions about adding sounds and music in your games, you can hop into our Discord, where the devs will be happy to help you out!

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