September Community Creation Picks!

Welcome to our September Community Creation Picks blog. This is where members of the dot big bang dev team highlight some community creations that have caught their eye over the last month.

Your work could be featured too! Drop by our Discord to share your latest creations, and our faves will be shown next month. There are Weekly Art & Scripting challenges to take part in to get some inspiration.

And as always, well done to everyone who made these awesome things. Click through to show them some appreciation with a like and a comment!

sinuca by plutaozin092
This little pool table uses just the right amount of voxels to clearly show what it is. I love the cues, the colors, it’s all great work.– Heather, Community Designer

Ectoplasmic G.L by Eric 4821
Though this object is a fan recreation of a weapon from a popular game, it’s amazing how much detail Eric managed to get into this gun, he must have put in a lot of work to make this look so good, amazing job! – DigitalMonkeyMaster, Community Manager

Gnarled Staff by Verlia
What an absolute beauty this staff is, the colours and the details are really impressive! I can just imagine a game where you carry this beast around and fling some fireballs and ice prisms at enemies! It looks amazing. – DigitalMonkeyMaster, Community manager

Voxel Moose by thephantomfury
I really adore little square animals in general, but this moose is just such a fun choice. The resolution is just enough to give it a great personality, and the subtle areas of shading turned out very well. – Heather, Community Designer

Flower Fall – Potion Maker by maize
Made for our scripting challenge, this is a simple but effective pachinko-like mechanism to generate potions. It’s also adorable. – Charles, Lead Community Developer

Dot Big Boxing by voxelpersonn
I actually found this one looking at errors from dbb! The name grabbed my attention straight away and I immediately checked it out. This little diorama looks like it’d make an amazing game and I hope voxelpersonn is going to turn it into one! – Charles, Lead Community Developer

(Nome) CARD Frostsong: Binding Seal by Starcookie
I would love to see more of this series of cards by Starcookie! In the card’s art, I see them using a limited palette to great effect. That little pop of red adds so much emphasis to what’s happening in the card, since it doesn’t appear elsewhere in their Frostsong series. I also like their stylistic approach to depictions of things like lightning and ice, making that lovely design work along the bottom. – Summer, Community Artist

Throne Room (Paused) by imthenewguy
This creator has made quite a few of these still image games. It’s really fun to see a “game” being used as still artwork, and there is very strong storytelling here. – Heather, Community Designer

To submit your work for next month – share your latest creations on our Discord. Make a new voxel object here, and create a new game or environment here.

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