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Note: When we released dot big bang version 0.8 back in May of 2022, I posted the following thread over on Twitter. It’s a quick summary of the platform, and a rundown of some of the things you can do with it. I’ve often linked to it to give people a quick summary of dot big bang. As Twitter threads are now only viewable to logged-in users, we’re posting it here so that everyone can see.

Now that we released dot big bang v0.8, I thought I’d take a bit of time to go over what we’ve launched so far and what we have left to do before we get close to a 1.0 release!

  1. We built a complete game engine and a revolutionary multiplayer game editor that runs on *every* modern OS and device directly in your web browser and crammed it all into 4MB. Create with friends across Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS and Android with cross-play. 
  1. You can create games in multiplayer and tweak them in real-time while other people play live!
  1. The editor is built in and you can open it instantly while you’re playing. Want to change something? Just change it! 
  1. The game engine uses a traditional Entity Component System, and goes all the way from simple drag-and-drop of functional game objects… 
  1. …to complete TypeScript scripting using the code editor from VSCode (Monaco) with full autocomplete of all engine types and APIs. Complete docs are here:
  1. We’ve built lots of complete games only using these in-browser tools.
  1. But what’s been even more amazing are the things our community have built…
  1. Our Discord server has grown to 5000 users and it’s the best online community I’ve ever been part of (sorry everyone here 😉 )  
  1. v0.8 gives complete access to the engine through our new game editor with new UI for all components, a new entity search, a reworked palette and much more.  
  1. Next up we’re close to completing work to move our collision system to the C++ Bullet physics engine compiled to WASM and we’ve been working to build new terrain tools that will let creators build bigger spaces easily! 
  1. Then, we plan to support 10x the number of entities at 60fps on high end devices, and to run all our current games at 60fps on mid-spec devices. 
  1. Also my boss told me that I’ve got to say that if this sounds like something that you’d be interested in working on, we’re a fully remote company with people in 5 countries and we’re hiring right now 🙂 

Finally, if you have any questions about our engine, tech, tools, approach, or anything else, feel free to message me 🙂

Read the original thread on Twitter here.
Developers who’d like further info on working with dot big bang, go here.
Join our Discord to talk to the devs here.

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