Spooky Season: dot big bang v0.9.10 is live!

dot big bang has gothed up for Halloween with v0.9.10 which brings with it a cauldron full of new content. We’ve added eight new ghastly skins to the store, a whole halloween themed updated to Pocket Garden that adds a new crop and a brand new map for Diamond Wars.

On top of that we’re bringing a few new quality of life features to our editors, mobile users will find their button layout more forgiving and obvious, and the quality of shadows across the platform has been improved! Read on for a full run down of our changes and check out our Discord and YouTube to learn more in depth!


  • Added SpooooOOoooky Halloween Skins!
    • Ol’ Grim.
    • D Cap and Horsefriend
    • Spoopy the Ghost
    • BRAAAINS the Zombie
    • Friday — always lurking around the Corner
    • Fluffy the Netherabbit
    • Herb the Carnivorous Plant
    • Always the Ghostbride
  • Pocket Garden Halloween Update
    • Pumpkins! You can grow pumpkins on your farm now – purchase the seeds from Gourdan and the central Crop Swap!
    • Pumpkins can be traded for a bunch of spooky Halloween themed decorations at the Deco Depot in town! Decorations include:
    • Coffin bed
    • Customizable Jack-o-Lantern
    • Customizable Scarecrow
    • Customizable Cauldron
    • Ghost Pet
    • Black Cat Pet
    • Claim a free customizable candy bowl in town!
  • Decoration Toolkit
    • Added enable() and disable() methods on the Movable Item script
    • The event onItemPlaced(targetEnt : Entity) is sent to the tag placement_listener from the Moveable Item script whenever an item is placed
  • Diamond Wars
    • Introducing ‘Sky Heist’ a new duos map that’s in rotation with the original Island Blast map.
  • FPS Kit
    • Added optional spectator camera that can be configured in the FPS – Spawn Controller script on the FPS Game Controller Entity.
    • Added respawn settings to allow for more game types. Find these on the FPS Spawn Controller.
  • Halloween Template Toys
    • Replaced Summer Emoji Override with Halloween Emoji Override
    • Added Zombie and Skeleton Jump Scares
    • Added Spooky Book


A demo of using the straightline mode in the Voxel Object Editor.
  • Voxel Object Editor
    • The Move Voxel tool in the VoxelObject editor now supports moving the voxels in a plane in addition to axes.
    • Updated incorrect and missing documentation for voxel editor shortcuts
    • Holding Shift allows you to add, remove, or paint voxels in a straight line.
  • Game Editor
    • You can now select objects that are obscured behind other objects by clicking in the same spot repeatedly.
    • You can now disable the ingame UI:
      • By ticking the “No Ingame 2d UI” checkbox under Debug Options/Render Overrides.
      • By passing the URL parameter game_show_ingame_ui=false
      • By pressing Ctrl+F10 or CMD+F10 to toggle it.
      • By calling this.game.ui.setUIVisible(false|true);
      • This is useful for when you want to record cool HUD-free videos of your game!
    • Added a keyboard shortcut to select all entities in the game editor (Command-A on macOS, CTRL-A on Windows/ChromeOS).
    • Added a keyboard shortcut to invert the current selection in the game editor (Command-Shift-A on macOS, CTRL-A on Windows/ChromeOS). This command selects all entities other than your current selection.


  • Touch buttons in mobile mode now labeled A and B.
  • The joystick in mobile mode now has a larger space to work in when in game mode.
  • Better shadow quality with less crawling.
  • Fixed an issue with keys getting stuck when exiting pointer lock.

UserScript API

  • Quaternion fromArray offset parameter is now optional, and defaults to 0.
  • Euler fromArray now accepts an optional offset parameter, which defaults to 0.
  • Matrix3 fromArray now accepts an optional offset parameter, which defaults to 0.
  • Matrix4 fromArray now accepts an optional offset parameter, which defaults to 0.

Author: Charles | dot big bang

Lead Community Engineer working on dot big bang

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