A Castle, An Obby, A Burning Heart: October Community Creation Picks

It’s time to celebrate the dot big bang community’s endless creativity once more with our October picks! This month, we have a mixture of eye-catching voxel objects and visually striking games, including a moody monochrome obstacle course, a candy-collecting Halloween game, and more.

If you’d like the chance to be featured next month, it’s easy to start creating objects and games. Be sure to share your creations in Discord. And as always, click through and drop a like on this month’s picks to show the creators some love!

Wheat Growth Stat 3 by Jamesstevenson
“The slight color shift brought by just using a highlight color on the top of some groups of crops really adds that bit of texture needed to say this is a wheatfield.  I hope to see this and the other farming voxel objects James has made continue to grow!” – Summer, Community Artist

alevli kalp kutalp kılıç by kutalpkilic
“The fire on this awesome flaming heart has many little flames growing in varying lengths but all peak and return to nothing at the same time which creates this satisfying loop of animation.” – Summer, Community Artist

2D Castle by SB_Television
“This one is 2D but uses 3 inset layers to give a bit of depth to the inner towers of the castle makes for a nice effect!” – Summer, Community Artist

Fruit Obby (big obby) by ivanhoyouwei
“Love this colorful and fun obby. The fruit theme is really used well throughout the level, and the title object is super cute!” – HeatherCtrz, Community Designer

Chicken_Nugget’s Rules by chicken_nuget
“This obby has a black and white mood, and the level includes lots of fun experiments involving chaining together lots of trampolines and launch pads to control the movement of the player. Very fun!” – HeatherCtrz, Community Designer

Unnamed Object by 1234566
“I think this object’s hammer head, shark tail, and fishy feet make for one really cool fish person!” – Summer, Community Artist

Escape the Graveyard by giuliaplayz1234
“This is one of the entries from our Halloween themed Candy Collecting game jam. It’s just packed with spooky atmosphere, and a surprisingly tough candy hunt. Great stuff.” – Charles, Lead Community Developer

Spooky painting by theshyguy
“This one’s an oldie but a goody. It’s clever to indent the eyes this way, so they really do seem to follow you around from any angle – and there’s a surprise on the flip side.” – John, Communications Manager

That’s all for this month. Make some objects and games of your own for a chance to be featured next time, and share them in Discord!

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