Girls Make Games x dot big bang workshop announced, signups open

dot big bang is delighted to announce a free virtual event with Girls Make Games this June 4th! The workshop will take participants through the process of designing their own cyberpunk level using dot big bang, hosted by dbb Community Engineer Ashley Koett. Signups are open now on a first come first served basis – find more info about taking part here.

The partnership is a great fit, as both organisations aim to help a new generation of game developers to get started on their journey.

“At Girls Make Games, we always want to introduce new and exciting game making technology to our community of girls,” says organiser Stephanie Nguyen. “When Rob & his team introduced us to dot big bang, we were so impressed with how fun, accessible and easy to use the engine is for anyone and everyone interested in building games – a natural fit for so many kids with little to no prior coding experience, but a ton of enthusiasm to learn game development at GMG!”

“Dot big bang’s engine is unique in that it introduces a hands-on approach to seeing how code works by inspecting and editing scripts in real time with instant results,” she continues. “We know our girls are going to be thrilled experiencing this, as well as the 3D modeling aspect of the tool. The partnership truly promotes our collective missions to inspire the next generation of gamers and creators globally. We cannot wait for GMG girls to tinker with the engine AND build games with friends from anywhere in the world!”

This workshop marks a milestone for dot big bang, and is one part of an in-development education program that aims to utilise the platform as a free classroom tool for teaching coding, 3D modeling, and more. “I’m so excited that we’re finally doing a collaboration with Girls Make Games!” tweeted CEO Robert Anderberg. “I’ve been looking forward to this moment for literally years: dot big bang is finally good enough to be used to teach a new generation of game developers.”

Educators interested in hearing more about dot big bang’s education program can sign up for a newsletter here.

You can also follow Girls Make Games on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with the project, and find out more at

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