dot big bang – 0.8 Release Changelog

In addition to the Game Editor overhaul, the 0.8 release contains many upgrades, fixes, and changes to various areas of dot big bang. Here’s a changelog of what’s new.


  • Fixed crash when changing the Collider property on an entity without any VoxelObject or SkeletalObject components.
  • Fixed stuck particles being still rendered after the game stopped, or after removing the Particle System component. Particles now reset properly.
  • On mobile, the on-screen controls now properly update/reposition themselves when changing the orientation of the device or entering edit mode.
  • Removed a few unnecessary debug messages from the browser console (for eg “num unique skinned mats”).


  • Cache Me Outside: Improved caching of the application, both loading games and repeat visits to the site will now be faster.
  • Multiplayer sessions which users struggle to join will automatically pick a new server.
  • Simplified the signup process.
  • Fixed a bug where saving a game during a multiplayer edit session would cause late-joiners to end up in a different session.
  • Fixed an issue where game thumbnails could go missing in the Hub and other areas. All thumbnails have been safely returned to their families.


  • Reworked Entity Panel.
  • Reworked Resource Browser.
  • Reworked Entity Search.
  • Script editor now increases transparency when it loses focus.
  • Script editor now saves position and size per device.
  • In the new Entity Panel, changing the Collider of a CollisionComponent automatically calculates sensible default for the extents (for eg: radius for SPHERE) and offset properties.
  • Made the 3D selection tool use the Command key modifier on Mac (in addition to Control), to add to the selection. This is more in-line with the Entity Search panel  and the Mac OS user experience in general.
  • In the Particle System component, the slider for the initialVelocity property now goes from a saner 0 to 300 instead of huge range which was making the slider impractical.
  • Fixed an issue where the Entity Panel would keep showing an entity that didn’t exist anymore (for eg any entity spawned temporarily by the game). Trying to edit it after it’s gone would crash the editor.
  • Improve drag and drop behavior from bottom panel
  • Add link to blog in burger menu


  • Fixed a missing trampoline in the Hub World parkour course.

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