Leap for your life in Preston’s Ultimate Parkour Heist!

Welcome to Preston’s Ultimate Parkour Heist, the parkour challenge of your life! Leap over lasers, dodge spinning saw-blades, and perform daring midair maneuvers as you beat security in an epic parkour bank job, going live today on dot big bang.

Crack vaults to grab cash, beat time-trials, and unlock hard-as-nails courses that ramp up from tricky, to fiendish, to straight-up brutal.

Ultimate Parkour Heist is a collab between dot big bang and YouTube superstar Preston. We’re celebrating the release with a livestream over on the PrestonPlayz channel at 3pm PT / 10pm GMT, with the game going live just before the stream. You can play along with Preston – find the game on the dot big bang homepage, or click the link in the stream chat to join the game instantly!

Think you can design an even harder parkour challenge? Preston’s Ultimate Parkour Heist was built on dot big bang, using the same tools that are available to everyone. You can build your own parkour course at dotbigbang.com/game and try it out on your friends. Power up your level design with tips and tricks from our devs on YouTube – and join our Discord to test out your course on the dbb community!

Good luck dodging those sawblades, people – you got this!

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