Make your own course in Preston’s Ultimate Parkour Heist!

Anyone who’s played Preston’s Ultimate Parkour Heist will know how fun and fiendishly tough it is. But after you beat Security Level 3 and crack that final vault, we have a fresh challenge for you! We’re inviting all parkour ninjas to put their skills to the test once more – and create the most challenging parkour level ever.

There are lots of hazards in Ultimate Parkour Heist – acid pools, sawblades, lasers, and more. Making a challenging course with the keys in obscure places, locks that seem just out of reach, and hazardous platforming routes can be every bit as fun as playing.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make a level of your own, follow these easy steps to get started – and you’ll be on the road to building the most brutal Ultimate Parkour Heist course ever. Let’s go!

1. First, sign up for a free dot big bang account. This will let you access the creation tools, save your course, and more. Sign up here, and watch this video for a quick walkthrough of the process.

2. Once you’re signed in, you’re good to go! Head to the Preston’s Ultimate Parkour Heist template game. Hit the Remix Game button at the top left to create your own version of the game. Hit the Edit Game button to open the editor and get started.

3. You can use the Game Editor tools to move your obstacles, set checkpoints, and more. Have a play around! If you’d like extra tips on using the editor, check out out this video.

A useful tip for starting out – if you CTRL-click and drag any object, you’ll make a copy of it.

You can position obstacles by selecting them, then using the arrows that appear to change their size and orientation.

You can find other useful tips like this if you click the question mark in the editor menu and look through the tutorials and keyboard shortcuts.

4.Don’t forget to save – that button is up at the top right. Bookmark your level to come back later, or find it from your profile page!

If you’d like to test out your devious designs on other players, or ask for tips from other creators and dot big bang’s Community Engineers, join us on Discord.

We’re excited to see what you come up with – we’ll spotlight the best levels to other players!

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