See Games Being Made In Real Time In dot big bang’s Live Gamedev Streams!

Dot big bang’s game creation engine contains everything you need to build a complete video game — in fact, all the games you see on the homepage were made using tools that are available to you right now. From making voxel objects, to building worlds, to adding unique mechanics, there’s a lot to learn for aspiring developers. 

Our development team regularly stream their process to help our creators get the most out of dot big bang. These live streams are a great way to see all of dot big bang’s tools in action, get essential tips and tricks, and learn how to improve and elevate your creations. You’ll also get the chance to offer input on in-development titles, participate in live playtesting, and have game development questions answered in real time.

We currently have three weekly streams that take place on our Twitch channel, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hit subscribe and turn on notifications to see when we go live, and follow us on Twitter for stream updates, so you don’t miss a thing. 

Here’s a rundown of what’s on offer.

Monday: Live Voxel Art Creation with Summer

Summer is a game artist who creates voxel objects and terrain features for use in dot big bang games. Her streams focus on the voxel art process, from initial planning, to adding detail, coloring, and animation. You can see all of the features of the Voxel Object Creator in action, and watch intricate and impressive objects being created in real time. Watch a video of Summer’s first stream, creating some plants and greenery, here.

Drop by every Monday at 12pm (PT) / 7pm (GMT). See the schedule in your local time here.

Wednesday: Live Scripting With Charlie

Charlie is a Community Engineer at dot big bang, and his work includes some of dot big bang’s most popular titles, like Preston’s Diamond Dash and Hub World. In this stream series, you’ll see how scripts can be used to bring games to life with collision, movement, momentum, projectiles, and more. He’s currently working on a biplane dogfighting game called Just Plane Mean, created from scratch entirely on stream!

Charlie streams every Wednesday at 12pm (PT) / 7pm (GMT). See the schedule in your local time here, and give us a follow to be alerted when he goes live. 

Friday: Live Game Development with Ashley 

Ashley is a dot big bang Community Engineer. Her streams cover all aspects of creating on dot big bang, including game design, voxel art creation, world building, and entry-level scripting. Viewers can get involved with playtesting, and sometimes make objects in real time for use in her games! Ashley is currently working on a farming game, a mini-RPG called Chicken Quest, and a spooky Halloween game with a day/night cycle.

Ashley’s streams take place on Fridays at 12pm (PT) / 7pm (GMT). See the schedule in your local time here

We always welcome questions, feedback, and chat from stream viewers — our Community Guidelines are available for an overview of what kind of subjects and conduct are and aren’t okay. Mostly – be excellent to each other! And we look forward to seeing you in the streams.

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