Hop Back Into Preston’s Diamond Dash, Now With Re-tuned Parkour

Since Preston’s Diamond Dash launched three weeks ago, players from all over the world have been taking on the game’s tricky parkour and dizzying dropper levels.

But if you played the game on launch day, you might notice some differences now. We’ve been listening to players, and re-tuned some of the scorchingly difficult parkour.

So if you got zapped by one too many lasers first time around, now’s the perfect time to go again, pick up where you left off, and battle through to the must-play Evil Diamond Preston boss fight.

The ‘Share Game’ button will give you a link to invite friends into your session – and if you’re streaming, you can drop that link in the chat to have your viewers hop right in!

There are two other dot big bang x Preston games to try: the quickfire quiz-race Preston’s Would You Rather, and the epic bank job Preston’s Ultimate Parkour Heist.

And there’s more to come – the next Preston x dot big bang game is already in the works. Follow Preston’s profile on dot big bang, and follow our YouTube, Discord and social media to stay up to date. GLHF!

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