September Changelog Updates

We pushed two updates this month, mostly comprising back-end changes to prepare for things like zero-downtime updates in the future. We also added a couple of things that people have asked for.


  • Entity selections in the Game Editor are now tracked in the undo-redo stack so you can hit undo and get your selection back
  • All users can now add UserScriptRef properties to their UserScripts, so you can use getUserscriptComponent() (Link)


  • Terrain collision fixes
  • Zero-length-capsule collision fix
  • Cleaned up buttons on the profile page to read better over various background colors
  • Fixed a bug where the notifications dialog would falsely claim that there were “no more notifications” despite there being hundreds
  • Clean up alignment of call-to-action highlight box
  • Remove unwanted animations from fixtures (manual removal from DB pending) – This is the last step before we enable animation selection in the editor
  • Defensiveness around non-serializable sendMessages in UserScript start() causing an unrecoverable exception in the engine
  • Capture the Doodle gameplay changes
  • Players should no longer be able to escape the starting area in Escape The Aliens (but can perhaps still escape the aliens, who knows!)

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