A dot big bang Roadmap: 17 New Features Now In Development

There are always lots of exciting things in development at dot big bang. This roadmap will give you a glimpse at what’s in progress behind the scenes—from a sound and music library, to a terrain editor that’ll let you literally move mountains, to new social features that’ll make it easier than ever to hop into games with friends.

New games and features are rolled out as soon as they’re ready, so you won’t see launch dates here, which helps us to maintain a crunch-free work environment. If you’d like to stay up to date on what’s gone live, and what’s up next, the best place to do so is our Discord, where this roadmap will be regularly updated!


✅ You can install DBB on desktop and mobile devices and launch from the icon
✅ Fullscreen is now available for iOS and Android, if launched from the icon
✅ Terrain runtime – terrain can be placed in games by the dev team 
✅ Capture the Doodle – a new “Capture the flag” multiplayer FPS is now live  
✅ Early Access (Creator Incubator Progam) content has been moved to production


➡️ Add access to a 2000+ Animation Library 
➡️ Add access to a 5000+ Sound Library 
➡️ Add access to an awesome music library 
➡️ Implement all “Old Game Editor” features into the “New Game Editor” 
➡️ Persistent Data API for UserScript – This will allows users to save data per-player per-game 
➡️ Game editor refresh – This will split the editor into “Simple” and “Advanced” modes, reorganizing things to put them in places that make more sense
➡️ Easy Signup – use Google and Discord to create an account
➡️ Terrain editing tools – Make the terrain editor available to everyone
➡️ Multiplayer editing for Terrain 
➡️ Bullet Physics – Move the collision system to use the Bullet Physics collision library 
➡️ Template improvements to allow simple “Save as” for templates. This enables a simple workflow for remixing player templates
➡️ Launching our Farming Game 
➡️ Versioning for all resources (Games refer to a specific version of a resource vs the most recent version, so that they can continue to work properly even if resources they depend on change. Versioning will also bring a new permissions model and “groups”.)
➡️ Friends – Friends list, presence, invite friends to play + create. Player search. 
➡️ Store implementation – Allow creators to sell cosmetic items to their players 
➡️ Rigid Body Physics
➡️ GLTF exporter to export your game levels for use in other tools (Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot)

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