Changelog: dot big bang Version 0.9

This is a full rundown of the changes in dot big bang version 0.9. You can also read an intro here that highlights some of the main items.

– Hide page header by default, toggle header by clicking on orange “Doodle” face icon
– Replace game buttons with more minimal button/icon set
– Abbreviate large numbers for Likes/Comments/Views counts
– Game Error dialog now includes buttons to “home” and “discord” as well as a “rejoin” button when kicked from a multiplayer session 

Game Editor
– Hide page header by default, toggle header by clicking on orange “Doodle” face icon
– Show spinner while waiting for editor to open
– New look/layout for main editor buttons
– New “Basic” and “Advanced” mode which is retained between browser sessions
– Editor retains open/closed panel states between browser sessions
– Left (Entity Panel) and Right (Workbench Panel) now have sidebar toggle UI
– Right “Workbench” panel now contains multiple tabs exposing additional functionality
– Move game Save Options to Workbench
– Advanced Mode: Add global Game Options to Save Options within Workbench
– Advanced Mode: Add Advanced Renderer Settings to Mood Panel in Workbench
– Advanced Mode: Expose various debug options in Debug Options of Workbench
– Save indicator is now much less intrusive, showing activity on the button itself
– Cancel resource drag by dragging back to Resources panel or pressing escape key while dragging
– Better responsive layouts based on window dimensions
– Press escape key to close modals, slide-out browse panels
– Added button to update thumbnail for game in Workbench/Save Options, remove automatic thumbnail update on save
– New keyboard shortcuts – shortcuts now have a dedicated url (and a link from the in-game modal)
    – Basic Mode: Link
    – Advanced Mode: Link
– Most keyboard shortcuts are now in tooltips
– Advanced Mode: FPS Panel and Stats Panel can now be toggled in UI Workbench > Debug Options
– Stats Panel fits better on smaller screens
– Update Template icon 
– Overlay game name while in edit mode (larger screens only)
– Advanced Mode: Add buttons to switch camera modes
    – Game Camera – Same as before
    – Fly Camera – Renamed from “Bird’s-Eye Camera”
    – Orbit Camera – Allows rotating around selection
– Advanced Mode: Add ability to set “world” or “local” transform space (rotation, position)
– Advanced Mode: Move button to Fit to Selection from Entity Search panel into footer
– Basic Mode: New Reset/Resume toggle
– Basic Mode: New “stepped” tutorial — replaces YouTube video
– Advanced Mode: Remove tutorial on game creation — can still be viewed from help menu
– Advanced Mode: Reset button will now resume on subsequent clicks/shortcut triggers
– Advanced Mode: Selection within Entity Search panel is now more obvious
– Advanced Mode: Entity Panel can be hidden and will stay hidden (even with selection) until unhidden
– Basic Mode: Entity Panel still shows/hides with selection
– New starting game selection UI
– Sharing unsaved games will now offer to “Save and Go”
– Sharing unpublished games will now offer to “Publish and Go”

Avatar Editor
– Hide page header by default, toggle header by clicking on orange “Doodle” face icon
– Add ability to toggle fullscreen
– Update Save icon to be more consistent with game Save icon
– Disable browser right-click on elements

Halloween Fun Example
– Added a Halloween themed game showcasing interactions 
– Added scripts and templates that enable fun interactions and can be customised via script properties
   – Example interactions include, sitting, laying, digging graves, opening gates, spawning objects, carving pumpkins, drinking potions, wearing costumes
    – Scripts are fully documented and remixable for those who want to see how they work
– Includes Custom Skeleton NPC (swap out voxel objects to customise)
– Includes Witch NPC and Scarecrow NPC (use sliders to customise)
– Includes Halloween emote set
– Includes Voxel Button script for easy UI that works cross platform
– Added several new sounds
    – bone_break_neck_snap_crack_01
    – door_a_creak_03
    – door_close_slam_03
    – footstep_grass_run_01
    – footstep_grass_run_02
    – footstep_grass_run_03
    – magic_flame_of_light_04
    – metal_gate_automatic_door_squeak_04
    – metal_gate_automatic_door_squeak_05
    – potion_bubbles_brewing_loop_04
    – potion_heal_flask_spell_01
    – rock_door_slide_block_move_drag_04
    – rock_door_slide_block_move_drag_05
    – troll_monster_laugh_05
    – wind_general_soft_low_loop_05
– Updated dbb_pointer_lock to allow for disabling/enabling pointer lock (for UI purposes)
– Updated dbb_character_interact to allow for custom interaction icons and placement (requires a custom player template)
– Updated dbb_head_look to fix a rotation issue on rotated entities

NPC Templates
– Added Human and Dragon custom NPC templates (switch out voxel objects to change their appearance)
– Added Dragon and Firefighter NPC templates to (use sliders to select their appearance)
– Updated Fairy, Girl and Fighter templates to slider based versions
– Renamed Girl to Clerk and Fighter to Knight

– Remove unused icons

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