dot big bang Version 0.9 Launches Today!

dot big bang is leveling up today with the rollout of Version 0.9. This is another sweeping update, with some big changes to the Game Editor—including the addition of several most-requested features, by popular demand! See the full changelog here, or read on for a brief summary.

Version 0.9 brings 40+ changes to the Game Editor. You’ll find new Basic and Advanced editing modes, new camera modes, new transform tools, new debug settings, and lots more quality of life improvements, alongside a raft of under-the-hood engine tweaks.

One of the most-requested features included here is the improved thumbnail system. Thumbnails are the ‘cover image’ that people click on to enter the game, and they can now be composed whenever you like, rather than being automatically generated on every save. 

New NPC templates

New customisable NPCs have also arrived. Creators can now drag in NPCs from the Template Toys bar, and edit their look and dialogue. In addition, the default player avatar can now be edited to bring them into line with a game’s look and theme.

We’ve also published “Halloween Fun Example”, a demo of some interactive objects that creators can use in their own games—Halloween themed or otherwise. Have a run around to drink potions, poke around a graveyard, and carve pumpkins—and feel free to remix the game and use the objects yourself. 

We hope you find the changes fun and useful! If you’d like to give feedback to the development team or request features, you can do so in our Discord—check out the #roadmap channel for more exciting features that are in development. See a full changelog here.

Changes summary:

Basic mode
– A slimmed down World Editor UI for quick editing
– A brand new stepped tutorial

Advanced mode
– New camera modes
– Debug settings
– Easily change the player avatar
– Editor panel positions will now be saved between sessions
– Shortcut hot keys to improve workflow
– New transform tools to more easily move and rotate

New thumbnail system
– Set your game’s thumbnail image when you choose rather than on every save

NPC Templates
– New customisable NPCs, available via Templates in the bottom menu 

“Halloween Fun Example”
– A demo of some fun interactive objects that you can use and remix yourself

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