See 10 games made in the first dot big bang Creator Incubator Program!

The first dot big bang Creator Incubator Program (CIP) is complete, and we’re happy to share the results today on our first CIP Appreciation Stream! This stream will pull together ten games people made in the first edition of the CIP program, showing off gameplay and design innovations in a wide variety of user-created games. 

The stream will happen on 25/10/22 over on our Twitch channel, at 18:00pm ET (15:00 PT / 23:00 BST). If that’s late where you are, don’t worry – you can always watch it back later here. If you’re a member of our Discord, you can also watch it there.

What is CIP?

The Creator Incubator Program was set up to help promising creators expand, develop, and finish their projects. In addition to our documentation, tutorials, streams, and Discord, CIP offers an extra layer of in-depth help for creators. After an open call for applications, participants got early access to in-development features, and guidance from dot big bang’s expert Community Engineer team. 

Many of the games made during the first edition of CIP are now published and ready to play. People made all kinds of experimental environments, levels, games, and mechanics – from atmospheric exploration, to urban tank battles, intense multiplayer FPS, hidden object games, and deadly dungeon crawlers.

The stream will show off work by creators such as russferttdiggins, infernalviper, and cyborg, as well as some games that aren’t yet published publicly, so watch out for a glimpse behind the scenes!

CIP v2

CIP v1 was only the beginning. The next round will be open for applications soon. If you have a project you’re currently working on and would like to apply, keep an eye on our Discord for application details. 

Special thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated in CIP v1, and we hope you enjoy the stream!

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