dot big bang v0.9.1 Is Now Live!

dot big bang v0.9.1 is now live! This version includes a vast swathe of updates spanning dot big bang’s editor, engine, tools, docs, and games.

If you’re interested in staying up to date, check out the Changelog channel on our Discord, where regular updates are published. Read on for a detailed breakdown of what’s in v0.9.1.


✅ New number input/slider
➡️ Allows for constrained, unconstrained and soft constrained numeric values when dragging the slider
➡️ Use Up/Down arrows to increase or decrease values when input is focused
➡️ Use Up/Down or Left/Right to increase or decrease values when slider is focused
➡️ Holding shift while using arrows or mouse will increase or decrease using a larger “coarse” step
➡️ Holding Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) while using arrows or mouse will increase or decrease using a smaller “fine” step
➡️ Alt-click (Option-click on Mac) on the number slider to return to the default position
➡️ Basic mathematical operations are now supported when typing in inputs
✅ Fix issue with tutorial not closing in the Basic view
✅ Fix uncaught exception when sharing a newly created game
✅ Hide platform Comments/Likes/Views icons after a period of time on mobile screens
✅ Disable pause/stop and resume for non-server peers
✅ Added an arrow to show spawnpoint direction
✅ Entering edit mode exits now pointer lock and prevents it until returning the the game

Transform, selection and camera tools
✅ Multi-tool (‘1’ key)
➡️ Holding control while rotating creates a rotated copy
➡️ When moving, pressing shift snaps to grid following the settings in the Transform Options panel on the right and the “Local” vs “World” mode (the two buttons to the right of the transform tools dropdown)
➡️ Similarly, when rotating, pressing shift snaps to a round angle as defined by the options
✅ Translation tool (‘2’) key
➡️ Added a central handle (cyan box) to snap the selected entity(ies) to the surface of other objects, like with Multi-tool
➡️ Added Shift to snap to grid using same options as Multi-tools
✅ Rotate tool (‘3’ key)
➡️ Visually shows the rotation center when interacting with it
➡️ Now rotates a multi-selection of entity around the group center (instead of rotating each entity around its own center), just like Multi-tool does
➡️ Added Shift to snap to round angles using same options as Multi-tools
➡️ Holding control while rotating creates a rotated copy
✅ Added scale tool on (shortcut: ‘4’ key)
✅ Fixed editor selection of the player in the FPS template
✅ In multiplayer, don’t use the purple error color for remote user’s selection box as this was potentially confusing
✅ Improved precision of drag/rectangular selection of entities

Script Editor
✅ Force side panels to display in front of script editor window when hovered
✅ Update styles for a more consistent opacity and color scheme
✅ Allow users options to update entities using a script when remixing or saving-as-new

Entity Panel
✅ Display the identifier for the selected entity
✅ Expose especially handled system-level tags as checkboxes
✅ Add templates to allow updating and applying properties between multiple entities
✅ Add the ability to toggle disabled state of all components
✅ Most properties now support a revert to default action

Resource Browser
✅ When no results are found: add actions to expand search scope

✅ Fix for bug where Skeletal Animation networking would only apply to first component

Games & Documentation

✅ New Template Toys
➡️ Jeep Template Toy – drag the Parking Sign into your game from Featured Templates, then use it to spawn a Jeep. Ride around your game on your own or with two friends riding alongside!
➡️ Game Teleporter – link your games or levels together, and easily teleport players between them

Global Game Jam Hub
➡️ A game where you can find all of this years’ Global Game Jam entries made using dot big bang in one place!
➡️ Showcase area for Weekly Art Challenges for January 2023
➡️ Information regarding the jam, how to participate, and links to example games
➡️ Scavenger hunt mini-game (put stuff in your own ‘booth’ for the hub!)
➡️ FPS Template Game Improvements
➡️ Admin-only scripts reworked to be community useable and remixable.
➡️ Many of the UI-related scripts were inaccessible before
➡️ Stats use real SaveData instead of localStorage
➡️ Various small fixes and improvements along the way

Doodle Safari
➡️ Simple game including 3 map areas with creatures and costumes to collect Demonstration of save data including money, cosmetics, and locked doors

Doodle Safari – Templates Example
➡️ All the templates and objects used to build Doodle Safari, including spawned items
➡️ Reset Player State button that can be used during development
➡️ Collectable Converter for complex currencies (ie copper/silver/gold)
➡️ UI buttons and screens, including Clickable UI
➡️ Simple database systems using scripts as entries
➡️ Collectable items and loot drops (creatures, coins, xp)
➡️ Purchasables (used for acquiring costumes and unlocking doors)
➡️ Containers that can visually change on interaction and drop loot
➡️ Wardrobe and Merchant for opening related screens
➡️ Template spawners (for spawning in random containers)
➡️ Mood change triggers to make different areas feel unique
➡️ Mini Map system (bonus, not used in Doodle Safari)
➡️ Drop collectable when destroyed (bonus, not used in Doodle Safari)

Snow People Decorator
➡️ Snow people that can be customised to wear different accessories
➡️ Clickable UI that is opened upon interaction with snow people
➡️ Camera override while UI is open (purple cameras in scene are used for this)
➡️ UI template example is available in scene (enable UI controller to see it)

Environment Example & Tips
➡️ Tips on scale and asset setup for a few styles of game environment
➡️ Examples covering collision, visibility, player poses, useful scripts, templates, and more

Player Character Example & Tips
➡️ Lots of potential player templates you can use, including voxel players
➡️ Example of styling the health bar
➡️ Sets of emotes you can template and use

Scripting Example & Tips
➡️ In game examples showing what scripting in dot big bang can do

Just Plane Mean
➡️ Experimental example game made live on stream by Charlie & Summer

✅ Documentation Update
➡️ Game-making FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions about developing on dot big bang
➡️ Example games list – Links to all our example games.
➡️ Examples section added to the API docs, with a variety of examples covering common use cases

Join our Discord and follow our social media to stay up to date – there’s lots more to come!

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