Changelog: dot big bang v0.9.2 – A Substantial Game Editor QoL Update

We’re happy to announce the release of dot big bang v0.9.2! This substantial update includes some new Game & Voxel Editor functionality that’s been making our Community Engineer team very happy.

Highlights include some new Game Editor features, such as copying properties – particle systems, for example – from one component to another. You can also now search an entity’s components, allowing you to quickly locate specific scripts on an entity. Voxel artists will be happy to see a new color picker in the Voxel Editor that includes saved colors, complementary color suggestions, and the ability to import the palette from a voxel object.

Here’s a full rundown of what’s in the update. We hope you find it useful, and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks and months!

Game Editor

  • Return to basic views when leaving advanced mode.
  • Remove F5 shortcut to toggle fullscreen due to Windows Chrome conflict.
  • Retain open/closed state of most accordions between page reloads.
  • Retain state of Entity panel accordions when changing Entity selection.
  • Show date and time for creation and modifications on all Resources.
  • Added the ability to toggle visibility of SkeletalObjects, VoxelObjects, and Particles.
  • Added a “Uniform Values” option to Vector3 properties.
  • Allow searching of Components by type or name (for component types with named Resources, like Voxel Objects and Scripts).
  • Redesigned Component New|Open|Filter bar and integrated new search functionality.
  • Added tooltips to Component Edit|Disable|Remove slide-out drawer.
  • Made the Entity Panel more compact in general.
  • Fixed opacity of menus in Script editor.
  • Force Entity Panel and Workbench to fully expand when browsing Resources.
  • Added Copy|Paste for Components.
    • Copied properties can be pasted into an existing component, or a new one.

Voxel Editor

  • Improved color picker:
    • Added the ability to save user color palettes.
    • Suggests complimentary colors.
    • Import all colors from a voxel object.


  • Updated the customizer and other parts of the site to account for larger avatars.
  • Added a new hat, glasses, and a bow for St. Patrick’s Day.

Mobile UI

  • Hide share and comment buttons on mobile after a delay.


Script Fixes

  • dbb_aiming_reticule: Fixed disableReticule recursing infinitely.
  • dbb_polar_camera: Fixed invisible respawn bug.


  • Added “Ignore Fog” property (ignoreFog in Scripts) to Voxel Object, Skeletal Object, Particles, and Text Components.
  • Entities are culled based on their maximum bounding box.


  • Backgrounding a game’s tab now correctly mutes all audio.
  • Fixed stray sounds persisting when teleporting between games.
  • Fixed loud blast of accumulated sounds when starting audio mid-game.

You can stay up to date with what’s new on dot big bang via our Discord and social media.

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