dot big bang v0.9.5: New Voxel Editor UI, Combat Game Template

dot big bang v0.9.5 is here! This update brings a substantial UI rework to the Voxel Object Editor. The changes include a selection of starter objects, Basic and Advanced modes, new shortcuts and hotkeys, and lots more—see the full list below.

Another exciting arrival for creators is the Combat Example Game—a fully remixable dungeon crawler, featuring ranged and melee weapons, a health system and inventory, enemies with pathfinding, loot drops, customisable emotes, and more! You can remix this game to make your version, and replace, change, and adapt all of its unique elements. We can’t wait to see what you make!

Read on for a full list of the changes.

Game Editor

  • Better UI for tags when multiple Entities are selected.
  • Preserve non-shared tags when editing shared ones across multiple selected Entities.

Script Editor

  • Report compile errors when a UserScript uses a reserved name.

Voxel Object Viewer

  • UI is more consistent with the Game Editor.
  • Allow _Save As_ for a user’s own non-remixed VoxelObjects.

Voxel Object Editor

  • Completely revamped UI!
  • Left panel contains Build Tools.
  • Right panel contains Workspace Tools.
  • Bottom panel contains Animation Toolbar.
  • Creating a new VoxelObject allows you to select a starting object.
  • Replace Spacebar with E or backtick (`) to choose a color.
  • Allow the color picker to remain open when using other tools.
  • Add dedicated buttons for formerly hidden editor functions.
  • New shortcut keys for most tools.
  • Holding Alt (Opt on Mac) will momentarily swap to the alternate tool.
    •     Add Voxel ⟷ Remove Voxel
    •     Push Face Out ⟷ Push Face In
    •     Brush ⟷ Fill
  • Fixed a bug with thumbnail generation.
  • Custom cursor for the active tool.
  • Animation.
    • Toolbar now clearly indicates frame boundaries.
    • Frame duration input supports Up/Down arrow to nudge in 100ms increments.
    • Added a button to apply the current frame duration to all frames.
  • Various attributes of the VoxelObject are displayed in the Save panel.
    • Total voxels.
    • Dimensions in voxels.
    • Number of frames.
    • Duration of animation
  • Tutorial for Basic Mode.


  • Released a Combat Example game that provides a simple way to fight with other players and NPCs using melee and ranged weapons.
    • Customizable enemies with basic pathfinding
    • Enemies can be voxel objects or humanoid NPCs
    • Customizable player and enemy melee and ranged weapons
    • Save data to store currency, healing potions and equipment
    • Emoji override to easily change emojis and use them on mobile
    • Loot drops from enemies and containers in world

And finally, a couple of small items that snuck out in v0.9.4:


  • Fixed a networking issue where a player joining a game would sometimes be invisible to some other players. This happened especially when a lot of players where joining a game at the same time.


  • Added Money Wars to Live Games

If you’d like to stay up to date with all of the newest updates, hop into our Discord and check out the “changelog” channel, and follow our social media. There’s a lot more to come!

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