Join The dot big bang Combat Game Jam, Starting Today!

Welcome to the dot big bang Combat Jam, a super-fun two week game jam that starts today!

Between May 8th-22nd, you’re invited to create your very own combat game. Using this readymade Combat Example game as a starting point, this is your chance to go wild and create a combat game all of your own. All games have a chance to be featured on the homepage, and we’ll play our favourites live on stream after the jam!

The Basic Combat Example gives you a perfect head start. When you create a remix of the game, you get your own editable version, containing all the tools you need to create enemies, weapons, pickups, shops, emojis, and even teleport players from area to area.

You can customize, replace or adapt any aspect of the game, including attributes like speed, health, and damage. Make custom emotes, think up new rewards, create new hazards, and more. Play around, experiment, and have fun trying out all the crazy ideas that come into your head!

Here are a few simple steps to get started. 

  1. First, log in or create an account on dot big bang so you can save and share your work. It’s quick, easy, and free.
  2. Next, create a remix of the Combat Example Game, using the button shown above.
  3. Hit the Edit button to open the Game Editor
  4. Save your version of the game, and give it a working title.
  5. Hit the Stop button, and look around around – you’ll find an area containing the game’s various elements.

That’s it – you have your version remixed and saved, and you’re ready to get going!

Whether you’re an experienced developer or just beginning your journey into making games, we have a lot of resources you might find useful, such as our documentation, Quickstart Guide, YouTube tutorials, and FAQ

You’re also invited to join the friendly and welcoming dot big bang Discord – the perfect place to kick around ideas, share progress, get some extra eyes on a bug, or have your questions answered by the dot big bang dev team.

There are some specific tips about using the Basic Combat Game – and making sure we see your jam entry – in this Discord thread, so be sure to check that out!

That’s all the info you’ll need to start your game and enter the Combat Jam. We can’t wait to see all your awesome games!

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