Skins Are Now Available In The dot big bang Store, Launching in the US Today!

Skins have arrived in dot big bang with the launch of the dot big bang Skin Store! The dot big bang Avatar Editor now includes a store where you can buy fun skins for your character. The first set has five fierce skins to check out – the Mech, Astronaut, Dark Knight, Light Knight, and T-rex. 

Any skin you buy will appear on your avatar instantly in different games all across dot big bang. Whether you’re building with friends, exploring Hub World, farming in Pocket Garden, or blowing up vaults in Diamond Wars, you can wear your new skin!

To buy skins, sign in to dot big bang and go to the Store. You can also find it by going to your profile and clicking “Customize Avatar”. Choose the skin you want on the Store tab, and top up your account with dotbigbucks to buy. Easy!

To buy a new skin:

  1. Sign in, and go to the Store
  2. Select the skin you want 
  3. Click “Buy dotbigbucks” and go through checkout
  4. Hold down the “Redeem dotbigbucks” button
  5. That’s it – your new skin will appear on your avatar right away!

If you decide to change the look of your avatar later, you can change back into any skins you’ve bought. Just go back to the store page – which you can also find via “Customize Avatar” on your profile – and select the skin you want.

The store is currently only available in the US, but don’t worry if you’re based elsewhere – we’re working on making it available internationally. There’s also an FAQ below to answer any questions you might have, and you can see the full T&Cs here. As always, you’re welcome to give feedback and get help on Discord. There’s a lot more to come – let us know what skins you’d like to see added to the store next!

Store FAQ

I can’t see the store, where is it?
The store is currently only available in the United States. If you’re outside of the US, it won’t appear for you yet – but stay tuned, we’re working on it!

I need help with a purchase, who do I contact?
You can email us at if you need help with the store, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. As a secondary option, you can also visit the #help channel in our Discord

Can I request a refund?
Yes. Email with your name and username, the item or product purchased, the date of purchase, and the reason for requesting the refund. You can read the full T&Cs here for full details.

Are existing avatars still free?
Yes, all of the base avatar options are still free — and of course, the same goes for all the other core things you do on dot big bang, like playing, making, and sharing games. The only change that comes with the arrival of the store is the choice of buying skins. We hope you like them!

I’ve changed out of the skin I bought – how do I get it back?
Any skins you’ve bought are still available when you’d like to change back. Just navigate back to the store page, and you can select any outfit you’ve previously bought to change back instantly. Note: you’ll need to be signed into the account you used to buy the skin.

Will there be more skins to choose from?
Absolutely. These are the first of many more to come – and there are some very fun skins in the works! You can check the store to see when new items are available, or join our Discord and follow our social media to see when new items go live. Let us know what you’d like to see next!

Can I sell things in the store, too?
We’re working towards that in the future. Opening this first version of the store is a big step towards letting dot big bang creators make money from their work. As the store grows and develops, creators will be able to sell things they have made, whether that’s cosmetics and in-game items, or templates, voxel art, and code. Creators will receive the lion’s share of the money from each sale. If you’re a game developer who’s interested in hearing about selling in the store, you can get more info and sign up for our developer newsletter on our Developers Page.

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