Changelog: dot big bang v0.9.6

dot big bang version 0.9.6 is out now! This update brings some valuable fixes and improvements to the engine, and the Voxel, Game and Script Editors. Read on find out what’s new.


  • Improved the stability of the engine when it encounters an error.
  • Improved the accuracy of Sphere collisions against TERRAIN Colliders.

Game Editor

  • Fixed issue where area below game save panel blocked pointer events.
  • Fixed issue where Undo/Redo typing in game input boxes was superceded by game Undo/Redo.
  • The ‘invert the color of entity’ component dropdown triggers when open, in an effort to make it more clear which hovered item is active.

Voxel Object Editor

  • Voxel work plane now nudges by 1 voxel instead of 0.5 voxels.
  • Voxel Object Editor shortcuts panel Open in New Tab now actually opens in a new tab.
  • Put back the ability to Save As a remixed voxel object.

Script Editor

  • Global variables declared by scripts in their outer scope are now properly reset when the game is stopped and started again.


  • Fixed issue where Game loading screen and Voxel Object viewer screen displayed no metadata when creator was a legacy user with no avatar.
  • Legacy users who have not created an avatar now have the Guest avatar on their profile page.
  • Fix uncaught exception when unliking a Game or Voxel Object.
  • Update PWA theme to better match platform colors.
  • Fixed poorly aligned favicon.

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