Team Up And Battle For The Win In ‘Preston’s Diamond Wars’, Out Today!

Hoard gold and rubies, destroy enemy vaults, and fight for the win in Preston’s Diamond Wars, the new team-based arena battler out now on dot big bang! Play the game now: click here.

Four teams of two battle it out in a race for resources, upgrades, and ultimate victory. Build bridges over a series of islands to collect gold and rubies, power up your armor and weapons, and build defenses to repel attacks. Become the strongest duo, and take down the other teams one by one!

Using swords, hammers, bats, crossbows, bombs, and more, teammates work together to gain the upper hand. Come up with creative strategies to launch attacks on opponents vaults, and break them open to snatch the resources.

And do it quickly – because when fifteen minutes have passed, the sky will turn red as the game enters Sudden Death mode, and the final race to victory is on!

This game is a new collaboration between dot big bang and renowned YouTuber Preston. It’s the latest addition to the Preston x dot big bang game series, following hit online games like Preston’s Would You Rather, Ultimate Parkour Heist, Diamond Dash, and Diamond Dropper.

Diamond Wars will launch with a stream on the PrestonPlayz YouTube channel. You can head over to join the fun, and play alongside Preston and thousands of people experiencing the game for the first time. Play here, and be sure to join our Discord for special Playtime events, and follow our social media to stay up to date – there’s more to come!

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