dot big bang v0.9.7: Diamond Wars, Skin Store, Pride Month, And More!

Version 0.9.7 of dot big bang is out now! This packed update sees the US launch of the Skins Store, the release of team-based arena battler Preston’s Diamond Wars, the addition of new Pride accessories, decorations, and emotes, the arrival of swimming in Hub World, and loads of new furniture in Pocket Garden.

Here’s a full rundown of what’s new!


  • The Skins Store is live! If you’re in the US, you can now buy five fierce skins to wear across dot big bang – the Tank Mech, Dark & Light Knight, Astronaut, and T-rex!


  • Preston’s Diamond Wars is out now!
  • This exciting team-based battler has you fight for supremacy by collecting resources, upgrading your team, and taking down enemy vaults. Be the last one standing and claim ultimate victor. Play the game here.
  • Pride Content Update!
  • To celebrate Pride month we have released two more customization items, some snazzy feather arms and a feather headband! Hub World has also been given a Pride makeover.
  • Swimming!
  • Swimming has arrived in dot big bang! Try it out by taking a dip in Hub World. All games using our default player have it too. A guide to adding swimmable water to your games is in the works!
  • Pocket Garden BIG Update!
    • New furniture:
      •     Pride Furniture set available at the Deco Depot!
      •     Free interactive Pride flag can be claimed in town!
      •     Goth furniture set available at the Deco Depot!
      •     Kitchenette can be purchased through trading at the Deco Depot!
      •     Interactive Ice Cream Machine available at the Deco Depot!
      •     New walls and flooring available at Fancy Fences and Floors!
    • Ice cream vendors
    • Ice cream can be purchased in both maps and will give your player a temporary speed boost!An ice cream machine can also be purchased and placed on your farm!
    • Erase save data
      •     There is now a witch hidden in Garden Grove that will give you the option to erase your save data and start over
    • Bug fixes
      •     Fixed the bug that let you move your furniture onto other players plots!
      •     Fixed the occasional crash that happened when loading save data and claiming a  plot
      •     Game waits until save is complete before redirecting between the two maps to ensure that no progress is lost
      •     Fixed a bug that showed the underwater view after respawning
      •     Eggs can not be picked up when your inventory is full
      •     Players will not be removed from the game if they are sitting on someone’s   furniture who leaves the session
      •     Fixed a bug that caused a crash when donating furniture

And there’s more to come. Join our Discord and follow our social media to stay up to date!

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