dot big bang v0.9.8: Sounds & Colors

A new version of dot big bang came out today. Version 0.9.8 brings a variety of fixes, updates, and upgrades, including a brand new library of 5000 sounds for use in your games. Both the Game Editor and the Voxel Object Editor color picker also got some TLC in this version, with a raft of quality of life improvements being introduced.

Here’s the full list:


  • Added a huge library of sound effects and music!

Voxel Object Editor

  • Color Picker
    • Fix issue where hex code did not exactly match selected/stored color.
    • Add color palette presets.
    • Add a color palette for the current Voxel Object.
    • Allow users to toggle color picker sections.
    • Allow users to name their saved color sets.
    • Make color picker a dropdown which will scroll with the page.
    • Collapse unused rows in color palettes.
    • Remove confusing white highlight of active color column.
    • Fix issue with color palettes not updating when inside the Entity panel.

Game Editor

  • Removed some fonts and replaced them with new versions.
  • F9 Stats Panel update.
    • Adds a real-time graph to the stats panel.
    • Adds pop-out to the stats panel via Picture-in-Picture.
    • Makes all stats graph-able.
    • Improves performance of the stats system.
    • Improves performance of the stats panel.


  • Dynamic entities (entities with scripts on them) no longer cast shadows into the static shadow map.

Script API

  • Fixed crash in ‘Peer.ownsEntity()’ method.
  • Fixed a bug where using the ‘?’ or ‘!’ modifiers on a UserScript property caused the game restart incorrectly.

We hope you like the changes! To stay up to date with future updates, or to request refinements & additional features, join the dbb Discord, and check out the #changelogs and #feature-requests channels. You can also follow our social media, YouTube and Twitch.

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