July Community Creations Spotlight

Welcome to the dot big bang Community Creations spotlight! This is the monthly blog in which dot big bang devs and staff celebrate the community-created objects, environments, and games that have caught their eye in recent weeks. Click the images to check out each piece of work in dot big bang, and be sure to drop a like and a comment to show your appreciation!

Dragons:  At War-Grass Serpent Head Base, by Orcainatie
“Orcainatie really knocked it out of the park with this one, I really hope to see more like this from this creator. The dragon’s eye being a little sunken in is a good way to imply the presence of an eyebrow when turning the head, without actually having to sculpt it. When you’re working with such a minimal space, making the most of implied detail can do wonders. You can see more of this with the painted details, like painting the tooth and painting the horns into the form of the head which helps to round out the back of the head. Great stuff!” Summer, Community Artist

Little Tiddlingham, by hi-c
“I really love that hi-c pulled things from two different example games (a combat example and a sound example), and combined them into something new and wonderful. Little details like the happy bouncing sun just make it even better.” heatherctrlz, Community Designer

Medusa-f1, by verlia
“I just adore this model. The lively animation, the fun colors, the relatively low voxel count, and the subject itself. I am really partial to medusa/gorgon characters and this is a beautiful version.” heatherctrlz, Community Designer

Toilet Tank, by dissapointment
“It’s a ridiculous idea, and I love it! There are some really great shapes and details in this object. I’d love to see some kind of tank game built around this idea.” DigitalMonkeyMaster, Community Manager

Foxy-Os, by foxythehost
“Foxy has been active for a few years and makes all kinds of wonderful objects. I remember when he made this for our “cereal box” themed weekly art challenge, I was totally blown away with the level of detail. A few years later and this still blows my mind, AMAZING work Foxy!” DigitalMonkeyMaster, Community Manager

Unnamed Object, by skelebones2013
“The thing I like about this little green cluster of voxels is that it confused me. I sat staring at it for a moment, thinking: is this a squashed frog, with two eyes poking out of the goop? Or a peeking dungeon slime, ready to pounce? Or is it a birdseye-view park for a city-builder game, with a neat pair of toilet blocks at one end? It’s an untitled object, so maybe we’ll never know. Either way, it was fun trying to figure it out!” John, Communications Manager

If you’re a dot big bang creator who’d like to be featured next month, post your work in the Creator Space channel on Discord. If you’re looking for inspiration, try taking part in the Weekly Art Challenge – all the entries are shown off at the end of the month in a custom-built display area. And don’t forget to tag your creations with #dotbigbang and #madewithdbb on social media – we’ll share our faves!

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