Build Your Own FPS With The Improved dot big bang FPS Kit!

One of the most common questions we get from people making games on dot big bang is: “how can I make my own FPS?” And the good news is that it just got easier than ever with the arrival of an updated FPS Kit! Anyone can use this new and improved starter game as a base to build their own customized FPS on dot big bang.

The FPS Kit is a significant update to the previous FPS Template. It has the same fast-paced multiplayer gameplay, but has been made easier to customize in some important ways, such as the addition of a new Workroom area that shows the game’s workings. There are also some brand new additions that let you add fun things like bullet holes and single-player content. 

Starting a New FPS 

The best way to get started is to jump right in and have a look around. You can get your own copy of the FPS Kit by choosing it from the starter menu when you click Build A Game, or by clicking this link. Save and name your new FPS, and it’s all yours to change, develop, reskin, and build upon as much as you like. 

Finding The Workroom

In the new FPS Kit, the game’s functionality and UI elements have been laid out on display in a hidden Workroom area. This is where you can find all the different objects, scripts, and templates that make up the game. 

To find the Workroom, hit the stop button. Use the fly camera to find a huge arrow in the sky. Go to where the arrow is pointing, and you’ll find the Workroom.

The Workroom exposes the game’s various elements for you to see in a simple layout. At the top of the display wall you’ll find some of the game’s basic functionality. The bottom of the wall shows the game’s UI elements. Laid out on the ground you’ll find sample items, and templates that get spawned in by scripts. 

New Features

This new FPS Kit makes life easier for coders, and also enables lots of customization options for those who don’t code. For example, you can create your own map, swap out the art for a new look, change the settings in various entities, and make custom templates. Check out the FPS Kit Documentation for a rundown of everything that’s new.

New features of the FPS Kit include:

  • Simplified weapon creation and setup which makes it a lot easier to configure new behavior and build weapons without scripting knowledge.
  • Simplified and extended game manager so that you can set up games to work the way you want. We now also support multiple arenas within one game so game sessions can have more variety.
  • Healthbars have been reworked so it’s easier to customize them per object.
  • The UI has been made easier to customize.
  • There is deeper control over how to spawn objects like barrels and targets into the map so you can make games that operate differently in single and multiplayer.
  • Lots of new scripts provide simple behaviors that can be combined together.
  • New tintable building pieces for easier map customization
  • An enhanced emoji communication system.
  • Hit decals to make bullet holes and more.
  • Increased the variety of easy-to-configure pickups.

Example Game: Beach Blast

The dot big bang dev team has already taken the FPS Kit for a spin. The result is Beach Blast, a multiplayer FPS that was built using the FPS Kit with some custom code. This game was made in just a couple of days for the dot big bang Summer Jam. 

Beach Blast is a multiplayer game by default, so grab a friend or two to test it out. If you remix it, you can find the Workroom area hidden under the water.

Getting Started

Ready to jump in and start making your very own FPS? The links below will help you get started. The dot big bang Community Engineers are also happy to help with any questions you may have on Discord. We can’t wait to see what you make!

  • Start a game: click here, and choose FPS Kit 
  • Check out the FPS Kit documentation for extra info 
  • Watch this video about using the FPS Kit
  • Play Beach Blast with friends to see a game built using the FPS Kit
  • Join the dot big bang Discord to get help and ask questions

Author: heatherctrlz

Hi there! I am a community designer and artist at dot big bang. I work on no-code game kits, customizable content, and video tutorials for the community :)

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