Out Now: 3 New Videos About Making Games On dot big bang

Three new videos have gone live on the dot big bang YouTube channel, all focussed on helping creators learn to make games. Whether you’re picking up the dot big bang Game Editor for the first time, or ready to start building more advanced games, there’s something here for you!

First up is a new guide to the Game Editor, which has been significantly refreshed over the last year. The video runs through some of the editor’s core features, including Basic/Advanced mode, how to save games and create new thumbnails, changing cameras, accessing debug features, and more.

The second video explains the basics of Entities. Entities are the stuff that games on dot big bang are made of. The player character, the ground, voxel objects, and any scripts running in a game are all attached to an entity, so it’s an important idea to get your head around when making games in dot big bang.

The third video kicks off a new series that will explain how to use the FPS Kit. The FPS Kit is a new starter game that you can select at dotbigbang.com/game. It contains everything you need to make your own multiplayer FPS, including pickups, weapons, UI elements, and more. You can find a blog that goes into more detail on the FPS Kit here.

If you have any questions, or ideas for other videos you’d find helpful, you can talk to the dev team on our Discord. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to see new videos as they appear. We hope you find them useful!

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