Deep Dive: What’s Hot For Creators in v0.9.11!

The latest version of dot big bang brings some great new usability features for our developer community. So let’s not waste any time and take a tour through a few of them!

Multiplayer By Default

By making all our game links multiplayer by default, and putting people together in a session, it’s significantly easier to build, test and have people find and play your multiplayer games. Combined with our new Global Search function – located front and center at the top of the homepage – game discovery on dot big bang is easier than ever.

Better Featuring

For a while now we’ve had a Live Games section on the dot big bang homepage. This was previously updated manually – but thanks to some amazing work by our star-studded platform team we can now update this section LIVE! As such we’re interested in any games you think are ready to be put in front of the full dot big bang audience. Please join our Discord and post about your game in the #creator-space channel if you want to apply to be featured. We’ll post another blog soon about our criteria for homepage-featured games.

Orthographic Mode in the Voxel Object Editor

This version also brings a much-requested feature to the Voxel Object Editor. The default camera perspective is great to get an idea of how your object will look in-game, but it can be awkward while modelling objects. The View Angle gizmo makes it quick and easy to switch between camera views. Use (Shift+C) to switch views, and (Shift+X/Y/Z) to snap the camera to different sides.

Text Renderer Component

The Text Renderer component has been updated to bring you some useful new alignment tools. We’ve also taken the time to fix the way the background pads and fills around text, making default text outlines more consistent. You’ll also find new controls to adjust the padding margin and wrapping style to your preference.

Whats Coming Soon?

  • Description and Tag fields for all resources. This is the first step in making it easier to understand what exists on dot big bang, and find it easily!
  • A built-in, faster, feature-rich console.
    • The devtools in most browsers do more than you might want, and are actually quite slow. So we implemented our own, and they’re significantly more performant.
    • We also added a bunch of instrumentation to network messages, events, audio, collision and other sub-systems, so you can more easily see what they’re doing. This is an amazing enhancement to visibility, and we’ve already found it extremely useful when making our own games.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what dot big bang offers developers, please visit our Developer Page! You can also chat to the dev team directly in our Discord, and follow our social media to stay up to date.

Author: Charles | dot big bang

Lead Community Engineer working on dot big bang

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