Autumn Draws Closer: dot big bang v0.9.12

dot big bang v0.9.12 is a small update that brings some editor fixes, a new remixable version of Thrust Heroes, and a bunch of autumnal clothing to wear in the Avatar Editor!

For the uninitiated, Thrust Heroes is a jetpack speed-run game with Easy, Medium, and Hard courses. You can invite friends and race for the best time. And with this update, you can now hit the remix button to get your own version, and adapt the courses – or change the game completely!


  • Fixed a bug in the Game Editor where the camera would sometimes shift to the wrong position when starting a game.
  • Fog and SSAO no longer effect the gizmos in the editors.

Games & Creator Content

  • New Autumn Clothing in the Avatar Editor!
  • Thrust Heroes
    • Thrust Heroes has been rewritten in TypeScript so it’s now possible to remix the game and make your own version.
    • Thrust Heroes has been modernized so it uses all the current Default Player Template scripts rather than different, older versions.
  • Default Player Template
    • dbb_default_respawn now has a property so you can easily specify a tag to respawn at rather than using the default ‘respawn at last ground position’ behavior.
    • dbb_simple_death now adds the dead tag upon dying and removes it when respawned.
  • Game Teleporter With Image Template
    • Fixed default game ID. It now points to the Empty Game template game.
  • Zombie Enemy Template
    • Added spatialized sound support.

Edit: Now with an extra content hot-update:

  • Replace the Halloween Hub World with a new seasonal Fall Hub World
  • Minor camera changes for the Empty starter game.
  • Add the dbb_character_movement_item_modal and dbb_simple_slot_inventory scripts to the Default Player Template. This slightly extends the player behavior to support forthcoming Template Toys like a Jetpack and Parachute!

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Author: Charles | dot big bang

Lead Community Engineer working on dot big bang

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