Remix-Off Top Prize Skin Reveal!

We’re half way through the Remix-Off: Cat Edition, which means there’s still time for you enter – and get a free cat skin!

Today we’re going to unveil the TWO skins that you get by taking part in the contest. First up, all participants in the Remix-Off will get the Cap Cat skin just for entering.

And for the three winners, we’re now revealing the prize – the ultra-blinged out Crown Cat! Read on for more about how to take part.

To stand a chance of grabbing one of the winning skins you need to enter by following these instructions.

  • Remix the Cat object.
  • Get creative! Make it your own, and give it some personality. You can even go wild and animate it, or delete the original model and make something else!
  • How to enter: When you’re done, post a link to your remix in the #events channel on our Discord. Note: If you’re not on Discord, don’t worry – just post it in the comments section here.
  • Everyone who does these steps gets the Cap Cat skin when the competition ends.
  • The winners will be revealed on stream after the competition, when we’ll look over the entries live, and announce who gets the Crown Cat skin!

Good luck! The competition ends on the 27th of November, so you still have plenty of time to get remixing and claim your free skin!

Remix this cat to get started. If you wanna show your work in progress, or ask questions about using the Voxel Object Editor, hop into Discord and we’ll be happy to help!

Author: Charles | dot big bang

Lead Community Engineer working on dot big bang

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